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2020-03-27 21:28 UTC
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![Splash screen]( By request, here's a re-post of a joint project with Hi no Tori Fansubs that we worked on together in the early 2010s. This is the same file we originally released, I haven't updated or changed anything like I often do with re-releases. Skull Soldier is a live action movie starring and directed by Masaki Kyomoto, a guitarist who branched out into acting (his many roles include guest appearances in Kamen Rider Black, and the main villain in the second Sukeban Deka film.) This movie seems clearly influenced by Shotaro Ishinomori’s Skull Man, and despite its flaws, many consider it to be superior to the official live action adaptation of that manga. Viewer discretion is advised: it’s a horror film, with graphic violence, sex & nudity. The comic relief bits seem somewhat forced, and often homophobic (the same sort of stuff that can make certain American films of the 1990s seem rather cringe-worthy to some). The film is no masterpiece, but it's got enough good bits to make it worth a watch in my opinion. Your mileage may vary. The film also features Kenji Ushio, playing a character who looks quite similar to Mephisto, the character he played in the live action Akuma-kun TV series. (I have got to subtitle more episodes of that show, it is amazing.) The Skull Soldier suit was designed by Keita Amemiya, and the action/stunt director was Eiji Takakura, veteran of classic tokusatsu shows such as Red Baron, Iron King and Silver Kamen. Keita Amemiya is a legendary character designer and director who has worked on shows like KR Black, Jetman, Jiban, Liveman, Winspector, and Spielban. Ash is putting together a batch of the feature films that Amemiya worked on, and requested a copy of this to include. This reminded me that the subtitled version of Skull Soldier has been out circulation for several years, and is not that easy to find these days. Enjoy!

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  • Skull Soldier (1992) [HnT- TSHS] [9281DE86].mp4 (1.6 GiB)
Never heard of it; sounds cool. Thanks!
Viewer discretion is advised: it’s a horror film, with graphic violence, sex & nudity, and homophobic attempts at humor (the latter is the same sort of stuff that makes some American films of the 1990s seem rather cringe-worthy). Instant download!