[VCB-Studio] Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm / 幻想万華鏡 10-bit 1080p HEVC BDRip [EP01-11]

2020-03-26 06:11 UTC
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![](http://img.2222.moe/images/2020/03/25/Gensou_phantasm_ep8_11_800.jpg) Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm OVA BDRip 幻想万華鏡 ~The Memories Of Phantasm~ OVA BDRip 10-bit 1080p HEVC + FLAC, MKV format. ~ 600 MB / EP. Official JPN PGS. **The Eternal Night Incident Chapter (EP08-11, newly added):** This is a fan-made title, hence the long gap between episodes … but the Blu-ray quality appears to be worsening. This time it's the extreme colour banding - so severe that even a damaging level of processing was unable to eliminate all. For the sake of overall image quality, we settled on a moderately high level. Aliasing is another same old story, and we tackled it as usual. *** Reseed comment: 1. Re-named and collated all the CDs according to our latest standards 2. Removed "readme about WebP.txt" file *** Thanks to our participating members: Script: LittlePox Encode: gpf710 Collate: 百江なぎさ QC: ANLOF, LittlePox Upload: Tom Seed: Seeding members of VCB-Studio CDN (refer to our website for full list) Thanks to all resource providers: BD&Scan&SPCD: TLMC, {Thank_s, chenzilong, 斬絶えず情縁, 团子饭包}@TSDM, TSDM合购区 *** **Legacy comments:** The Spring Snow Incident Chapter: It's the first time we see a BluRay release for Touhou Series. The picture quality is not bad, the is even more pleasant than many other animes. There are not a whole lot of artifacts, only slightly banding and aliasing, so they are fixed respectively (Deband and Anti-aliasing). Tracks with voices are set as default audio track and music only track is set as complementary. Please notice that although the music tracks on source are 24-bit, they are padded from 16-bit, so the ripped audio is 16-bit, this is not a mistake. Merged with Japanese subtitles and chapters from BluRay. Red Mist Incident Chapter: Painting of new episodes (Episode 02-04) is exactly same as The Spring Snow Incident Chapter from three years ago. After simple fixes of bandings and aliasing etc., the picture quality of Touhou series is decent. It's a pity that there's no charactor voice. The Flower Incident Chapter and The Mysterious Giant Youkai Chapter: Same pre-processing as above. *** Previous reseed comment: 1. Complete The Flower Incident Chapter and The Mysterious Giant Youkai Chapter (Episode 05-07) (Thanks to UnperceivedExistence); 2. Remake The Spring Snow Incident Chapter (Episode 01); 3. Complete all OST (Source from AnimeBytes and Audio-4U); 4. Reorder all file structures. *** Please be mindful of long paths in this torrent to avoid download error. Please refer to https://vcb-s.com/archives/7949 if you have trouble viewing WebP images. *** Comparison (right click on the image and open it in a new tab to see the full-size one) Source________________________________________________Encode [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/4654s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/4654.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/4654s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/4654v.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/15834s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/15834.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/15834s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/15834v.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/20227s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/20227.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/20227s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/20227v.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/29797s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/29797.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/29797s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/29797v.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/31450s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/31450.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/31450s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/31450v.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/39454s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/39454.png) [![](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/39454s.png)](https://img.2222.moe/images/2020/02/25/39454v.png)

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Thanks VCB. Are you gonna do the Konosuba movie?