[FULL PV] µ's - A Song for You! You? You!! [720p subbed]

2020-03-26 03:10 UTC
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Hi! Reian (nicosteaparty) here. I translated the anime parts of µ's latest single and animated song, "A Song for You! You? You!!". The song parts of the PV itself aren't subbed. The raw came from here : https://nyaa.si/view/1232089 I only own the translation and subs. In case you ask, the subs are already timed and on the video. That's why there's only one file. All rights goes to Kadokawa, Sunrise and Lantis otherwise. Enjoy!

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  • asongforyousub.mp4 (916.5 MiB)
How did you manage to inflate the video file by 270 MiB just by adding subtitles?
Hey there, Reian (nicosteaparty) here! Had to make an account to reply. Unlike everyone in the sub community does, I didn’t use an .ass file that I put on the vid to just sub the video (because I absolutely never sub), but went through the trouble of using a video editor program to put subtitles on the vid. Yes I’m a masochist. So the inflation comes very very probably from my video encoder at the rendering. I also am on Mac, so had to go through the trouble to convert from .mov to .mp4 back again (damn you Final Cut Pro), which may not also help. If it’s not this, then I have no idea, I really apologize for the issue. (or maybe it’s truly magic, and I found 200 MiB in the wild to add to the file)
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!