2020-03-25 21:41 UTC
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In the dragon ball broadcast audio in the first episode there was a preview to episode one, which I to that point didnt know even existed... so I wanted to have this as it seemed very rare and I only could find a crappy youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcFytKAMHvA and thought it was a shame that this video is sooo old and in such a crappy quality. Well since selectavista released the first 50 episodes of dragon ball on bluray, I thought to myself why not take the first episode and cut all the scenes out of it and make a remake and cut it exactly like the youtube video... So what I have to mention here is, that 1. the chikai on the start is not exactly the same but I couldnt find a better one (its from the preview to the third episode at the end of the second episode) 2. the chikai at the end is not exactly the same as there is no chikai (next time) on it... its the cut from the episode title from the first episode. 3. the clip in the middle where goku jumps back is not perfect as in the promotion the legs of bulma are missing so I had to take the scene, split it into images, remove bulmas legs frame by frame (30 frames total) and put it back together... I am not an expert in this so basically its GOOOOOD but not perfect... 4. the next clip where bulma winks to goku is not perfect as in the original (it seems like) the star is missing.... I couldnt remove it well enough so I kept it there... maybe in the original its not even missing... the youtube video is really crappy... 5. the transitions are not perfect... mine are just plain cuts so there is no "transition" if you read it until here I am happy I took all the work on my shoulders and made this clip available for you... please enjoy and leave a comment if you want to :)

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i feel compelled to mention that 次回 is pronounced jikai. Though I can understand why one would hear chikai do to heavy accent + ancient audio source. Regardless, this is cool and thanks so much. I will seed. this is definitely worth preserving. Also, there are some teribiko commericials that used to be on the old nyaa..so hopefully those are still around.
Ashura's version which used the Dragon Box looks far better than Selecta Vision's crappy, DNR, upscaled Blu-ray.
I clicked on the youtube video and someone in the comments says this was the NEP at the end of the last episode of Dr. Slump. He seemed to be pretty confident about that. It also sounds farmiliar as if I read that somewhere a long time ago. I wasn't able to find any original broadcast on nyaa of the last Dr. Slump episode 243, and the 2 encodings from DVD I downloaded didn't have this at the end. There wasn't much chance that it would have, but I had to check. I doub't it would be an extra on the DVD. If someone has access to the original broadcast of that episode, please check if this NEP is at the end of the episode. If it is, please upload the whole episode, not just the NEP. Also in the youtube video it is clear that when Bulma winks, there is definitely no Star.