[FUYUNO Nabe] Tensei Pandemic - [冬野なべ] 転性パンデみっく (MangaONE - マンガワン)

2020-03-19 01:47 UTC
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This is the raw extracted from MangaONE - マンガワン except the double-pages Info: Tensei Pandemic Imamura Hinata. A high school student, who has a complex. Everybody thinks he is a girl. He wants to get more masculine, no matter what. Until one day he finds a strange advertisement... If there any mistake or missing page please comment also maybe some mistake in the naming of the chapter since I don't know Japanese the files extension is .WebP if you using win7 and you don't have a viewer that support .WebP install this WebP Codec 0.19.9 https://www.free-codecs.com/download/webp_codec.htm

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  • [FUYUNO Nabe] Tensei Pandemic - [冬野なべ] 転性パンデみっく (MangaONE - マンガワン) [8947E075].rar (192.8 MiB)
Is this all the raw? The size seems abit too small for all 10 volumes

DaZEROrk (uploader)

Because this raw from their website/App and not the volumes with the extension .WebP achieves overall higher compression than either JPEG .WebP achieves overall higher compression than either JPEG Also it it Cen unlike the volumes which is Uncen
Hi bro,how to download comic from mangaONE?

DaZEROrk (uploader)

@sharbe_0830 the method is not very straightforward, I'm using android emulator with root enabled on a windows computer since my android device not rooted, after installing the emulator and MangaONE app you will need a file manager that can browse the system file, go to this directory device/data/user/0/jp.co.comic.mangaone/cache/image_manager_disk_cache you will find a files with random name with extension .0 copy all the file to windows PC or another folder in your phone change the .0 to .webp to make the file recognize as pictures, Shift + right-click on empty space a choose "Open Command Window Here" and type this line to rename all files in the folder ren *.0 *.webp after that is the hardest part, numbering the pictures manually, unless there another method. Note: I'm using in the android emulator a file manger with SMB or samba support to send the files from the emulator to a shared folder in windows since it easier for me instead on using a USB Drive (did not tested using USB drive), after finishing each chapter delete the file on the image_manager_disk_cache and start browsing the next chapter since you don't want it be harder to arrange the pictures when there hundreds file to sort. this is the method I'm using, if you found easier method, please comment.

DaZEROrk (uploader)

unfortunately no, this is the web version