[rubberman] One Piece Stampede (2019) - v0 [BD 1080p TrueHD] [4CE83DA8].mkv

2020-03-17 05:55 UTC
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10.0 GiB
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Quick fix of the official subs. Remux with [Anime-Land's](https://nyaa.si/view/1229347) encode. If you already downloaded their encode, use this [xdelta patch](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/567111926832955393/689241530770391249/animeland_stampede_patch.zip) to mux the subs. Changes include improved timing, minor edits, typesetting, and translated songs. Proper v1 release will be under the usual Foxtrot tag. Subs only: [Here](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vJ5VkIwAVJJO9CQl6b8gmYQOc9GvxAC5)

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  • [rubberman] One Piece Stampede (2019) - v0 [BD 1080p TrueHD] [4CE83DA8].mkv (10.0 GiB)
Can you upload the subs file separately?, I have the Sofcj Version

torn (uploader)

@Hisoka23 done.
>Foxtrot *Happy fox noises*
I'm currently making kfx for the ending but thanks for the subs. I'll use this subs as my base subs.
Is this 5.1 jap audio, or is it just dub?
How long until v1 comes out?
which torrent should i download? anime land? or this? or SOFCj-raws?(which i get the sub here)
If I grab the SOFCJ raw and your sub file are the subs already timed with it (assuming the different raws are the same length) or do I need to adjust them a bit?
The dub comes out today!!!!! Fuck this stupid sub bs lmao. Thanks for the upload tho brother.
i will wait for you than
Where’s the Dual Audio BD Rip? I need that
Thanks! LOL Dub XD
damn couldnt play this on my tv :'(
I have a direct download, hard sub here. 1080 quality at 2.2Gig: https://gashacongamer.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/one-piece-stampede-download/
how do i make this work on my tv @torn
@Mighty_Action_X - is that a hardsubbed version of this rubberman release?
@ecchigo Yeah, I used my converter to convert it to MP4 since it doesn't play well on VCL and much more on my TV. My version worked on TV.
@Mighty_Action_X how about the quality?
@isouji It's okay. It's Anime after all and not live action so there's not much difference in quality after the conversion. I tried it on my 20 inch TV and the definition is still nice. Though you have to bear with the Subs since after the conversion, the letters are quite oversized.
@Mighty_Action_X Instead of converting the file you can just remux it to keep the same quality of the orignal file while changing the container so it can be played on more devices.
hoping someone will make HEVC
How can i make this work on my smart TV? I ve tried to convert it to different formats with programs like Avidemux, MKVToolNIX etc but nothing works. I tried also the rest of the HQ torrents of this movie, same results in all of them.
When is v1 releasing?
@sanji_kun yoo bro try download this one https://nyaa.si/view/1230930 . smart tv cant play h264 .mkv, altho .mp4 can. dont ask me why. but for h265 can play.


Surely v1 before One Piece ends. :)