[PPP-Raw] Lensman (movie) (v3.0 - Domesday Edition)

2020-03-15 03:42 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Lensman (the movie) V3.0 – Domesday Edition 3/14/20 https://anidb.net/anime/2531 https://www.otakubell.com/ Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD, Bluray, or other digital souce is known to exist. Domesday Edition: This was captured using a Domesday Duplicator. You can read all about the Domeday Duplicator project at https://www.domesday86.com/?page_id=978. Project notes: I did the first version of this five years ago – a lot has changed since then. There was some gnashing of teeth about the brightness of my release. At the time, I didn’t realize that my capture setup skewed dark. Color and luma distortions are ineveitable in a conventional capture setup – its piping the disc through the 30+ year old hardware of the player and into an analog capture device. The Domesday Duplicator does away with that – it connects directly to the players RF diagnostic pins, bypassing most of the player’s electronics, and the ld-decode software is set up to produce actually accurate NTSC color and brightness. What that means is that THIS version is decisively accurate to what was actually put onto the disc in the first place. Its chroma and luma are exactly where they are supposed to be. Are the Boskone ships really dark? Yup. They’re meant to be. Well, probably, anyhow. This is still a jittery title, and this time I de-jittered the whole thing. I still had to rebuild the letterboxing, and yes, the Pony Canyon logo is letterboxed now. If you’re that buttherped about it, feel free to use the unfiltered DVD conversion to roll your own. I have also included the raw PCM audio from a conventional cap, because while the picture is quite accurate, the audio end could use some work. I have been largely offline for most of this year, and my projects have slowed down. Got a new job, and its a lot of work, and I love it, so I work overtime too. But I can’t check my email at work at all, and when I get done I just crawl into a video game, so that’s kinda that. But Corona-chan is forcing me to work from home now, so I guess... yay? At some point I’ll Domesday the Lensman TV 1-6 boxset... but not for a while.

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toynbeeidea (uploader)

Oh, a minor side-note: The Lensman movie disc has no chapter markings at all. So I didn't forget them, they just don't exist. Not that you were probably looking for them.
Thank you so much. I have this on VHS (my dad bought in Japan when it released) and I haven't seen it in quite a while. Very high quality copy!
theres a dub to this movie iirc right?
Very good ! Thanks Corona-chan !!
I have a vhs to dvd rip of this I made myself (which is super shitty) and this is just so much better.