2020-03-07 22:41 UTC
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Well, this took FAR longer than we had planned for it to take, but here it is; The original theatrical version of Mewtwo Strikes Back in all its fully hand-drawn glory. The reason why this took so long was that we really wanted to try and make it look as good as possible, so we managed to arrange for someone to do a brand new rip of the original LD for us, which due to a whole lot of technical trouble ended up taking months. It paid off though; I think I can safely say this is the best the theatrical cut has ever looked. It's... ALMOST on par with the DVD release, and given the source that's really all we could do. Probably the only way to get it better would be if someone managed to get a hold of an actual film reel from the movie's original theatrical run, or if OLM themselves would just give us the original cut on Blu-ray instead of insisting on ONLY giving us the altered version... It really is appropriate that this movie's title is a reference to Star Wars because the situation with its original theatrical presentation is, like, EXACTLY the same. Translation, Timing, Typesetting: Lord Starfish Editing: Josh Encoding: Licca Translation check: Xemnas Quality check: Toa of Gallifrey, bluesun, Puto Timing check: Akai Raw provider: NikoLiberty

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_Movie_01_-_Mewtwo_Strikes_Back!_(Theatrical_Cut)_[E28CE4E4].mkv (920.7 MiB)
Godly work, thanks!


whats the diff from home release

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Basically, a whole bunch of scenes were redrawn digitally and had CGI elements added. One example is that the stormclouds Mewtwo summons before the trainers are set to head to his island were fully hand-drawn (and honestly, really nicely animated) in the theatrical cut, but the DVD and BD release replaced them with, in my opinion, far less impressive CGI clouds. Dogasu did a detailed breakdown of all the differences here: http://dogasu.bulbagarden.net/movies/pm_mewtwo/mewtwo_strikes_back_kanzenban.html
You guys should've spliced digital BD footage for non hand drawn same as BD scenes, and kept LD footage for hand drawn Theatrical exclusive scenes to this LD.
Oh my... The quality is amazing, thank you all for this work, looks great! Do you people still have the raw rip for this? I was just checking a LaserDisc rip upscaled and was wondering how this Pokémon movie would look like https://youtu.be/UIxYydB83E4
I can't see any subs
Can somebody seed this please?