[Rare] Tsugumomo OVA (DVDRemux, 720X480, JP AC-3 Stereo, 48Khz, 2ch, 384kbps, 7 Chapters, RAW)

2020-03-04 13:50 UTC
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![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/486174820166533120/684751254895067139/Tsugumomo_OVA_Nyaa_Poster_PNG.png "Banner Tsugumomo OVA") ## ANIME INFORMATION ## Kagami Kazuya, is a normal student like anyone, but, due to some coincidences, he lives with 3 girls, the first one is Kiriha (the Tsukumogami of Obi), the second one is a Goddess and the third one is her Priestess. This sole situation is making him go through a life full of adventures... well... perverted adventures (in a way or another). (Source: Anime) --Type: OVA --Score: 6.66 (scored by 1229 users from MAL) --Videos: 1 OVA --Duration: 22 minutes and 19 seconds --Japanese Name: つぐもも OVA --Aired: Jan 22, 2020 --Status: Unknown --Producers: Unknown --Licensors: Unknown --Studios: Unknown --Sources: Manga --Generes: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, School, Seinen --Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity --Ranked: #5078 --Popularity: #5070 ## INFORMATION OF THIS TORRENT ## VIDEO --Container: MKV --Resolution: 720x480 This is how the video actually look (be careful, it IS a little spoiler) [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/486174820166533120/684755389442555945/Screenshot_1.png "Tsugumomo OVA Screenshot 1") [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/486174820166533120/684755405397557262/Screenshot_2.png "Tsugumomo OVA Screenshot 2") [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/486174820166533120/684755425999978510/Screenshot_3.png "Tsugumomo OVA Screenshot 3") (THE ASPECT RATIO IS A BIT OFF DUE TO SCREENSHOTING METOD, I MADE THEM WITH "MPC-HC", BUT THE VIDEO LOOKS ALRIGHT IN PLAYER) AUDIO --Audio Tracks: Japanese, 48KHz, stereo, 2 Channels, 384kbps --Formats: AC-3 --Subtitle Material: English Subtitle --Format: SSA --Size: 32 --Font: Calibri --Main Color: White --Borders: Black --Shadow: No --Letter Heigh Setting: 115 --Letter Lenght Setting: 100 --Bold: Yes --Italics: No Edited by [Rare] in style and omnipotent500 in translation. (the subtitle contains Signs too) +This video material is from Anon (Nyaa Uploader). +This Japanese Audio Track is from Anon (Nyaa Uploader). +This Poster and Images are from Anon (Nyaa Uploader). +This English Subtitle is from omnipotent500 with my Style edits. # My internet is slow so please seed! # (Last time edit: ~TIME OVER~ No Uploader Seeding) ## Enjoy it guys!! /(>,<)/ ##

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ShinMugetsu2000 (uploader)

@everyone Yoh there ya' all!! I'm back again with another release. ;D A few days ago I finished downloading the Tsugumono OVA from an Anon user, and I really wanted to make a subtitle for it for myself first, but then I thought since it's small in size, to make a release of it too for others. I haven't edited a lot in it, the timing was quite accurate from the start, and all I did was style editing. For those who might say that this sub is bad, remember I'm not an expert in typesetting and I don't know enough japanese to edit the translation, except small fixes. It had blue border and the font was too big, so I just used Calibri to make it a standard sub, and made it smaller (I keept the bold setting, as usual). The images were with the DVDMV released on Nyaa so I placed them in the torrent too, it has the menu and covers :D



ShinMugetsu2000 (uploader)

@BJX With pleasure ;D
I'm afraid the subs are (almost) the same as in previous releases.

ShinMugetsu2000 (uploader)

@Moses35i Yup, I haven't edited the translation or timing, only the style.
Thanks. Will you do the TV Series (Season 1)?

ShinMugetsu2000 (uploader)

@SomaHeir You welcome! @Subniper Unfortunately not, because it's way too big for me to work on and to seed for others. I recall there are other releases for S1, so I'm sure some of them are worth to be downloaded already ;D
Thanks, I'll try the other release...