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2020-03-03 20:32 UTC
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# Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo This live-action short (10 mins) was made by Hideaki Anno and published under the Ghibli label (the first such live-action film). It depicts the God Warriors of the Nausicaä story appearing in Tokyo as Gods to end the world. The film was shown in theatres in Japan ahead of the third Evangelion film, *Evangelion 3.0*, and was included on the Japanese Blurays of that film. There has never been an official English release, so no dub or official subtitles. I dug around and found seven translations, some in the form of subs, and decided that none of them were decently watchable, because their English was too stilted. I can't read Japanese, so I studied the translations carefully, tried to find their common underlying meaning, and then turned that into decent English. If it's wrong anywhere, I guess I'll never know; anyway, after eight years I couldn't find anything I preferred, so I hope you enjoy what I've done. I've left the film letterboxed, as trimming the black bars saves no space, and this way the subtitles can be kept off the image.

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  • [pwh] Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo [BD, HEVC].mkv (260.3 MiB)
>I can’t read Japanese, so I studied the translations carefully, and worked out the clear underlying meaning that they all shared, and then turned that into decent English is this satire or what

pwhodges (uploader)

Of course - and I know you could do it properly. But it's a shame that this short has been so neglected, so I've given it a nudge.
what if one of the seven existing translation is already extremely good?

pwhodges (uploader)

@herkz None of the existing subs I found were satisfactory to watch in my view, whether accurate or not. But I'm not deceiving anyone - I've said what I did, and no one need ever look at it if they prefer not to. @uberasian This is at 1080p resolution - but the film is not 16:9 (it's 2.35:1), so the full vertical resolution is not used.
but by your own admission you aren't qualified to say whether they're good or not
Herks shut the fuck up lol, why do you insist on being such a gatekeeper for subbers? He literally said they might not be good. Why do you even care about this stuff?
if you don't like my comments, you could just as easily ignore them
It's hard to when you're constantly degrading anyone who uploads subpar subs. I have a lot of respect for you as a fansubber, I just don't know why you make everyone who isn't great at TLs feel bad.
this guy literally fucking said he doesn't know japanese and yet could "work out the clear underlying meaning" to know which translation is correct, which is so wrong that if it didn't get roundly mocked there would be something wrong with this site.
Man, you could be more tactful, that's all I'm saying. You're very abrasive and saying people deserve to be mocked for stuff like this doesn't seem to be very productive IMO.
Thank you for the upload!
thank for for sharing your work I know you worked hard on it.
https://pastebin.com/SPYTVpDM Here's a translation I did back in April of 2013. As far as I know no one bothered to typeset it, but also as far as I know it's the best translation-wise there is. Feel free to use it to make a v2.


PWH was saying that he used the existing translations to make what he felt were better/more readable english subtitles by his own estimation... not that he "derived" meaning from the japanese that he couldn't read. It wasn't really that hard to understand his meaning...