JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Steel Ball Run Volume 01-02 (From JoJo's Colored Adventure, Single pages split)

2020-02-27 02:58 UTC
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125.5 MiB
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As the torrent name suggests, I've collected this from JoJo's colored adventure group. The quality of the original is great, but pretty much every image has double pages. That makes it a hassle to read on mobile. So I've only selected the images that should have been split and split them. I've done this for my convenience only. I will upload the rest of the volumes in a single torrent within a week. Thanks and please seed. [DDL](!2Fx0TCpI!FBcJyy5VunxTiloeoS358g)

File list

  • JoJo 7 - Vol 01-02
    • Volume 01 - September 5th, 1890 San Diego Beach (2).zip (60.0 MiB)
    • Volume 02 - First Stage, 15,000 Meters (2).zip (65.5 MiB)
Or just use a reader that has wide page splitting option. ![](
Btw if double pages are even you can use photostone resizer to do bulk splitting
Sankyuu! Here for [Vol 3-10](!3zwxzLQT!Il-TqipDNvlFdp9Rw3w1jw).

random_bigInteger (uploader)

@shellshock I am using a bulk splitter software. Still thanks for suggesting. The task would be much simpler if all the images needed splitting. But that is not the case. About half of them need splitting. So I have to select those images first. @areen wc. And I already have these exact files. So don't worry. And thanks for your effort nonetheless. @Kowboy The reader would probably split the images based on their aspect ratio (that's the only algorithm I can think of). But all the images here have the same aspect ratio. And not all of them can be split. But still I'll look into it. If it works, then it would be of help.

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A little heads up to the people who will actually read this comment, the volumes that I've finished working on will be available on the mega link in the description BEFORE they are actually available in torrents. The folder currently has up to volume 6.