[nao-R] Gekijouban Hibike Euphonium - Chikai no Finale (BD 1080p FLAC)

2020-02-25 23:03 UTC
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![Screenshot](https://p.ihateani.me/VNTKsB5a.png) Light adaptive denoise (w/ edge protection), deband, and added adaptive g r a i n into the mix. **Info**: - Source: `BDMV by Ue&LoliHouse` - Video: `1920x1036 (Cropped black bar) CRF16 10bit` - Audio: `FLAC 2.0` - Subs: `Japanese PGS` Included separate 5.1 FLAC Audio Contact me at Discord if there's any problem: N4O#8868

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my blu-ray just came in the mail. someone hit me up with subs when they out
I've been working on subs all day, but only transcribed like 15mins. Anyone wanna help? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_mdXiE-q0LObR82e6nXMVgAefOtti8g9Z9xR1AtaDl0/edit?usp=sharing
>transcribed What for? It's softsubbed with PGS. >Subs: Japanese PGS Just extract them with Subtitle Edit or something like that. OCR will produce some errors but that's faster than trascribing/timing from scratch.
I can provide a timed SRT but with google translated texts if anyone is interested. You can then change them with the right translation.
A few people in the Hibike Discord have been working on subs, just waiting on some typesetting and retiming from the webrip version and they should be good to release.
Or wait for actual fansub. Kantai is working on it AFAIK.
Not heard anything about that but wouldn't complain. The HibikeCord one will just be for the very impatient people I guess.