[anon] Healin' Good♥Precure - 04

2020-02-23 18:14 UTC
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RAW by Ohys, subs by our beloved and based anon. Me? Just your random anon trying to make everyone happy. Now, please, stop your useless whining and just enjoy the show. Enjoy!

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  • [anon] Healin'♥Good Precure - 04 [2374CBA7].mkv (538.6 MiB)
Stop my useless whining? NEVER!
>Comment: Better raw (Ohys), no more black boxes lol imagine being this upset
You actually used Ohys.... I didn't notice. At least the subs are good.
And Herkz is being a fucking hypocrite. You love to see it
is this more better than the other?
don't see how that's hypocritical but i don't have brain damage like you so i can't easily see things from your point of view
You snark about people being upset when you're the one who is most upset here, Herkz. You're so fast to comment to post your snarky bullshit that it tells me you're actually upset and waiting for the moment the release is posted to be as fast as possible to comment. If you weren't upset, you could ignore it instead of making mocking snarky comments. Anyways, I'm not believing for a second you aren't upset. Thus, you have no right to go "lol imagine being this upset" to anyone
And before anyone claims I'm against criticism, I believe you can criticise stuff without being an snarky asshole about it.
no i actually think it's hilarious the anon is putting out worse releases because i said one mean thing to them when i don't even watch the subs why would i be upset?
Happened last week also: it crashes (mpv, VLC, all players that I tried) during the OP.
Sure you do. Sure you aren't upset. That's why you rush to make your snarky comments. Because you aren't upset. Whatever you say, Mr "I'm never wrong". Why would you be upset? Because you're narcissistic and love controlling. These anons refuse to submit and this pisses you off. So, you come to bitch under the guise of criticism. If you don't even watch the subs, why come here to be an snarky asshole instead of staying quiet?. You earn the hostility people have against you but you'll never admit to it because you're too narcissistic and think you can do nothing wrong and everyone is inferior.
is there something herkz isn't showing us? you know, those tweets regarding screenshots of 4chan's /a/ board and whichever random posts herkz sorta tweets around...
Boy, I really hope it isn't gonna be like this all year.
@bassgs435 You drill herkz good without being snarky yourself or stooping to his level. No insults used yet you still tell it completely like it is. I love it... And now: - the anon continues to sub - the anon continues to improve, uses better video than last time while still not using commie (I think it's understandable why he doesn't) - a completely new "amateur" subber also appears, the kind herkz would probably also bash, uses commie's video like it or not. Just as enjoyable and watchable as the anon's. Who also just tries their best despite any mistakes. now there's 2 subbers. So tbh I think herkz's narcissism and elitism have backfired. This is an example of karma and love wins... 💖
@bassgs435 good on your for putting herkz in their place! the anon is doing great using a non commie raw, but other people are contributing as well, this community has its good seeds! and im really enjoying this season!!!!
ah well. i'll (probably) look into this in the meantime. >Happened last week also: it crashes (mpv, VLC, all players that I tried) during the OP. oh, not that this actually matters but you (original torrent uploader) are free to use Commie raws the next time you do your Precure release if you want to. ohys' encoders aren't exactly "high quality" despite being technically fast, so to speak. but you're free to use that as well if nothing suffices on your end.
I did comparisons and Commie's raws are better. It's fine if you want to use ohys (it's not that big of a difference except how the two raws handle 60i text, probably) but I don't think you should call ohys "better" in the description unless you've done your own comparisons.
@motbob pretty sure you misunderstood, he actually meant better than his own last few releases. Which used videos even lower quality than Ohys (not sure where they came from though, but they were like half the filesize). :)
those of you who are telling this anon to do "this" or "that" hasn't realize yet that the guy just took the release anon himself posted in TT and posted it here? lmao the anon who actually translates the show hasn't posted healin' good precure here since episode 2 and I seriously doubt that he'll ever do that again
>If you don’t even watch the subs, why come here to be an snarky asshole instead of staying quiet? because i can type like 10 words about something objectively true (which raw is the best) and cause you and other people to respond with multiple essays >ohys’ encoders aren’t exactly “high quality” despite being technically fast, so to speak. but you’re free to use that as well if nothing suffices on your end. ohys is 8-bit, crf 20, and uses settings that result in a fast encode but quite bad quality. i also filter the encode to remove some of the mpeg2 artifacts, which is why my encode takes so much longer. it's not even close.
Honestly, I'm just happy someone's making subs. I'm gonna encode from the BDMV for my archive anyway.
didn't you use my encode for hugtto though? 🤔
What the fuck is going on with this war? Should I get this or Serenae?
try both releases just in case. but if you want to be safe just pick this one.
Ahhhhhh gotta love Nyaa, the only place where you can grab a bucket of popcorn and get some good entertainment from the whiny c*nts in chat. Who needs to go to the cinemas when you have 10/10 entertainment here.
Nah, herkz, I encoded from the BDMVs. We DID release on the same day though.
@ClearlyIAmTrolling: Agreed. I was particularly amused by post #15. My only wish for cake day (soon) would be revealing of all the samefags. I feel that would prove even more amusing.
>Nah, herkz, I encoded from the BDMVs. sure looks like you used my encodes for the first 12 episodes to me, and then after that the encodes have way worse x264 settings for no real reason (i assume that's when you started encoding it).
DmonHiro constantly tries to pass off other people's encodes and even web sources as his own encodes. Too bad the mods still don't give a fuck about Trusted.
I don't think so. I downloaded all the BDMV volumes and encoded them. I don't think I would have used you encodes just for one volume. Then again I could have downloaded them to compare and used them by accident. I have done THAT before. Did you release each volume individually? I'd look into it further, but I don't care anymore. I'm out for good this time.
yes, i released them one by one as they came out. and the filesize and encoding settings match exacty lol. it's not really up for debate.
What do you mean? None of the file sizes for any episodes match between our releases. 01 - Hooray, Everyone! The Birth Of The Precure Of Spirit, Cure Yell!.mkv (639.6 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 01 [BD 720p AAC] [C3037A16].mkv (629.4 MiB) 02 - Everybody's Angel! Hooray! Cure Ange!.mkv (697.2 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 02 [BD 720p AAC] [D31E4217].mkv (687.1 MiB) 03 - Happy! Cranky! Hugtan's Day Out!.mkv (683.0 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 03 [BD 720p AAC] [5489727B].mkv (672.9 MiB) 04 - Shine! Operation Precure Scouting!.mkv (686.3 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 04 [BD 720p AAC] [44BC8A8B].mkv (676.1 MiB) 05 - Dance Across The Sky! Hooray! Cure Etoile!.mkv (812.9 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 05 [BD 720p AAC] [A3900DAA].mkv (802.7 MiB) 06 - Smiles In Full Bloom! Our First Job!.mkv (671.4 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 06 [BD 720p AAC] [4B598F9B].mkv (661.2 MiB) 07 - Saaya's Doubts! What Do You Really Want To Do!.mkv (660.5 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 07 [BD 720p AAC] [D80525C3].mkv (650.3 MiB) 08 - Homare Is Leaving!! The Prince Of Skating, Incoming!.mkv (628.2 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 08 [BD 720p AAC] [60D45D54].mkv (618.1 MiB) 09 - Over The Hill We Go! Let's La Hiking!.mkv (667.9 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 09 [BD 720p AAC] [61F2DB2E].mkv (657.8 MiB) 10 - Unbelievable! Waitressing Is Such Hard Work!.mkv (659.3 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 10 [BD 720p AAC] [33699C2C].mkv (649.1 MiB) 11 - The Precure I Want To Be! Sing! Melody Sword!.mkv (737.9 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 11 [BD 720p AAC] [3B090258].mkv (727.8 MiB) 12 - Doki Doki! All-In Pyjama Party!.mkv (718.4 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 12 [BD 720p AAC] [10A11A4D].mkv (708.3 MiB) 13 - The Transfer Student Is Fresh And Mysterious!.mkv (892.4 MiB) VS [CommieRaws] Hugtto! Precure - 13 [BD 720p AAC] [1833BDF2].mkv (622.8 MiB)
Are you doing this on purpose or are you legitimately retarded? The filesize is different because you attached fonts.
is that your attempt at a joke?
lol dmonhiro caught lying once AGAIN about using other peoples encodes and denying it.
Boy am I glad I'm out of this community.