[DVD] Dragon Ball Z - Singles [Madman] [17xDVD5]

2020-02-21 06:25 UTC
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This features the complete Saban dub of the Dragon Ball Z TV Series by Madman. Not my rip, but I did reorganize all files. Some call this release the definitive edition for the Saban dub. P.S. The Saban score by Ron Wasserman can be found here @ https://nyaa.si/view/1222482 Enjoy.

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whats the difference between these and rtd

Impakt (uploader)

I don't have RtD DVD ISOs here or my boxset, so I'll just describe the Madman Singles: - Includes a TV-like intro "Stay tuned for Dragon Ball Z!" - Next episode previews - Great, grainy picture quality - Colors look very nice And best of all, they're all discs in DVD5 so you can burn to cheap DVD5 discs and watch on your TV.
They're also PAL, which may or may not be an issue for you. Generally the Madman episodes look better than the RTD, although the RTD audio is a bit better. RTD also maintains recaps and NEPs, however episode 10's is replaced with episode 11's, whereas it's correct on Madman.
Dont agree that these look better because the madman singles suffer from bad jutter when panning the screen the RTD sets playback is smoother during scenes panning the screen.

Impakt (uploader)

Those who downloaded, please seed this. I have something else I want to share.
Do you have isos for the in house Funimation dub like the Captain Ginyu DVDs?
yes i am looking for in house funimation dubs. like captain ginyu assault and the other one
If anyone wants a large majority of the DVD single episodes you can DM me on Discord. I have a lot of them on Drive. My Discord is Vennベニー#0069