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2020-02-19 08:08 UTC
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I wouldn't recommend the official translation. It is poor, a classic case of over-localisation. I read about half of volume one, and noticed a lot of weird phrases and sentences that did not quite make sense. Compared to the unofficial Baka-Tsuki translation - and there all the questionable points were cleared up. Official translation overcomplicates sentences, changes meaning to get better sentence flow and uses slang which is out of place and I don't even understand sometimes. As an example the God speech is translated extremely weirdly, as though you are reading a bible or something. None of that in an unofficial translation, everything is clear there.
@White_Spirit so where can I find that Baka-Tsuki translation. I actually wanted to start it now but I don't want to have a pain in the neck instead of having fun
@White_Spirit On other hand you have Fan translation that for brief periods of time due to text corrects loses some of the meaning and also sometimes forgets that they translate something to english or they go ultra translation mode and to everything that is already translated they add tl notes. (chapter 1 out of 10 in vol1 has freaking 10 tlnotes that are only because author used shortcut or translated something useless and this trends keeps up from what i checked) Both are atrocious, the baka-Tsuki deleted their TL because the official got released, I would just go with their will and read the official rather than mess with a translation that was hosted on wikipedia like site that has other issues besides phrasing being different. Both have translation issues when i compare it to the translation that i know that is as accurate as possible.
>As an example No actual fucking example How about you kys retard, if simple quoting is so fucking hard for you
@White_Spirit What about Hikarinokaze Translations? I tried searching NGNL on novelupdates and that came up
@White_Spirit The Baka-Tsuki Translation is the one you can find on the NGNL Website in the NGNL Reddit Discord. Read the first 3 chapters and 3 parts of the 4th chapter and it's serviceable but not great... Going to continue with the Official translation from now on.