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2020-02-17 00:11 UTC
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DDL link will be linked in our blog~ **Discord**: https://discordapp.com/invite/DMK8sH5 **Credits** >Translators: Sino, Anon Editors: Gonbechyan, Sio Timer: JaJaChanx3 Typesetter: dez Quality Control: ambiguousrocket, Gonbechyan

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  • [MoyaiSubs] Kiratto PriChan - 81 [D3DC4901].mkv (364.8 MiB)
how much behind are we from the japanese broadcast? i started watching Prichan some days ago and im already at episode 69, so ill be up to date soon thanks for the amazing work bth

MoyaiSubs (uploader)

@Inokori Hello! As of right now, the Japanese airing is on episode 96, so we are 15 episodes behind. We've recently increased the speed of our releases in hopes of eventually catching up, however, due to the fact that our lives can get in the way of subbing, we do not want to give a specific time as to when we'll catch up. But please rest assured that we're doing everything in our power to catch up!
@MoyaiSubs thanks a lot for the response, ill be more than patient for subs this good i dont wanna belittle anybody, but among the 81 episodes that are subbed there have been like 4 differents groups doing it, with really huge differences in quality yours are by far my favorites, so keep up the good work, and no pressure i saw there's gonna be a S3? do you plan on keep going after S2 ends?

MoyaiSubs (uploader)

@Inokori Thank you very much for the kind words! We definitely plan on subbing S3 once we reach the end of S2. All of us love this show and enjoy subbing it, so ideally, we want to sub it until the end!