[anon] Healin' Good Precure - 02.mkv

2020-02-09 13:58 UTC
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i don't own anithyng about this... A friend in Discord shared with me the .ass file, the only thing i did was timing it to [CommieRaws] Healin' Good♥Precure - 02 [D32AC028].mkv and add the ED [took from the wiki] Thanks to anon <3

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  • [anon] Healin' Good Precure - 02.mkv (512.9 MiB)
thank you anon (and olivio too I guess) ❤️
So you are uploading now anon's subs, instead of himself?

olivo28 (uploader)

@dreambird1973 don't know why anon didn't upload here, only in tokyotosho and using a dubious raw, a friend of mine demuxed it and shared with me the .ass and i only timed xD
sadly I think it's because herkz (and a few other commenters) chased them out and made them feel unwelcome by repeatedly bashing them for no good reason. might explain why they didn't use commie's RAW, too. as pointless as that part might sound, I can understand the feeling...
There were so many people defending and praising him. Why are they not more important than a few other that are critizizing? That's something I do not really understand....

olivo28 (uploader)

Hey @dreambird1973, do you have discord? contact me: @Olivo28 [Dpasos]#0001 i want to ask you something
there were. but the bullies were hitting back, pretty hard, sadly. sometimes the pain of those few but strong mean comments just overshadows all the good ones in a way that's irrational. that's how it felt for me anyways. I can't prove that was the anon's reasons too. But I can't really imagine any other one, it seems too coincidental that they left after all the drama and flaming happened. and to be fair some of the "defenders" weren't being so nice either. for example: 1 used the homophobic f-word and said anyone who bullies anon "deserves to be shot" 1 made a troll account called "herkz is retarded" (this got banned by a mod) so there was meanness on both "sides", I feel like the lack of civility on both sides possibly made the anon themself feel caught in the middle I can understand some of the anger these people might've felt though but still also, I think all the random "lol" and "lmao" type short comment snarky inserts don't help either, when you can't even tell their intent.
tbh with such shit video quality it's better if it isn't uploaded here anyway
Thanks to anon for the TL and to olivo for retiming it.
Nyaa really should have a mute user feature, and it should have herkz muted by default
you can hide all comments by default. sorry if i offended you by having functioning eyes.
>also, I think all the random “lol” and “lmao” type short comment snarky inserts don’t help either, when you can’t even tell their intent. lmao

olivo28 (uploader)

all the bigotry and slurs and death threats are fine apparently because my one random thing I said about snarky laughter is somehow more important...
@CureLovelyWarrior Trolls will always be trolls, stop feeding them with your rants. At some point you have to realize that trying to appeal to people's civility isn't going to work in a comment section on the internet. It'll save you lots of frustrations if you either a) ignore the comments you don't like or b) mute the comment section. Going on a rant for every perceived slight will just draw out more trolls. It's not ideal, but it is what it is.
thats nyaa for you btw the comment section can be muted in your profile preferences
Wait [anon] has bad video quality? Didn't notice anything bad in EP 1 (Well, my monitor is a shitty one though). How's [ohys-raws]?
@Olivo28 I tried but it didn't work. Try to add me instead: Nodoka Hanadera#1973
>Wait [anon] has bad video quality? Didn’t notice anything bad in EP 1 (Well, my monitor is a shitty one though). no, for the version of episode 2 they didn't upload here. the video is like 250mb. >How’s [ohys-raws]? bad but better than the 250mb shit encode they used, lol
Who's got the best?
Thank you for the upload