[PS2] Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi 3 (Cast.) (EUR) (Patch Req.)

2020-02-06 18:36 UTC
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This as the title indicates requires the file to be patched, which I was unable to because XDeltaUI either locks up or shows an error for some reason. If someone is successful, please upload the ISO patched. - Game: Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi 3 - Platform: SONY PlayStation 2 - Dub: Castillan How to Patch: - Open " XDeltaUI" - Choose the Patch - Choose the ISO - Create a title with ".iso" at the end and allow it to create the patched ISO.

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Impakt (uploader)

Hm, I'll try that. I'm not too used to XDeltaUI. Thanks.
@Impakt, Since I feel I need to give something back to you for all that you have uploaded and my time is all I can give right now, I took the time to find the download for this since you stopped seeding it. It was a bit difficult to find. The exact same xdeltaui.rar file was easy to find. I did a force recheck with my bittorrent client and the files were 100% the same. I even downloaded the 2 latest xdelta versions and a new xdelta version 2 GUI, but they weren’t needed since I had no problem patching the ISO file using the same xdeltaUI.rar file you uploaded. The xdelta program said in the title bar (not responding) the entire time it was creating the patch, but the program was running fine regardless of the message in the title bar. It doesn’t give you any progress info while creating the file, but it took maybe as much as 5 minutes on my external drive (I have a USB 2.0 port which is much slower than USB 3.0) and when it was done it popped up a little window that said the file was successfully patched. Interestingly there is only around 625MB added to the size of the ISO. I don’t know why you had a problem, but here’s what I did: 1. I extracted all the files from xdelta.rar to a folder. Both exe files are needed in the same folder for it to work. The only way I can get an error is to only extract xdeltaUI.exe without the xdelta.exe file. 2. I double clicked the xdeltaUI.exe file and I pressed the open button to select the patch file 3. I pressed the open button to select the Source file which is the ISO file. 4. If you just type a name and .iso at the end of the name in the Output file section, the patched file will be created in the folder where the xdeltaui.exe file is located. Or click the ... button to select the path to where you want to save the output file, and type the file name, then click save. 5. click patch. I hope this helps. I am not currently able to upload any torrents. If you still have a problem leave a message here. I may not be able to respond right away.
Wow you respond fast. I quickly erased and reposted to fix a couple of words and didn’t realise you responded already. I should have selected edit. Oh well. If you didn't already know this, xdelta is a command line program. Someone made a UI or GUI (Graphical User Interface) that still requires the separate xdelta.exe command line program. So xdeltaUI.exe will just open the window and allow you to select the options, and once you click patch, it sends all the options as a command to the xdelta.exe file which is why you need both files in the same folder. But if you open a command prompt, you can run xdelta.exe if you know how to type the commands. The xdeltaUI.exe user interface I believe doesn't give you the ability to use all the options and abilities of xdelta.exe

Impakt (uploader)

Yep, it worked. I'll see if I upload all of the PS2 DB Fan Project ISOs I have after sharing the 3DS CIA batch.
Good, I'm glad I don't have to upload it to mega I assume you got it from the same webpage as where I found it which is http://bt3castellano.blogspot.com/ The Castellano front and back cover on that webpage is actually a bigger acceptable size when you download it. I also assume you know about the link at the bottom of that page for the fan project for Tenkaichi 4 in Castellano, but I thought I would mention it just in case. Also since I looked up many versions of xdelta, I thought I would share the links here. Maybe you or others want to have them for future patches that may require a later version since the version of xdelta you uploaded is the latest version of the oldest GUI from 2009. But for this game which was released in 2007, that xdelta GUI you uploaded is good. The webpage for the link I gave shows a screenshot of the same xdelta GUI. So here are some other newer xdelta GUI's as well as the latest xdelta original command line programs. Both GUI versions below are made by different people and the same goes for the version you uploaded. This link is from the official xdelta.org webpage, and is the download page for the latest xdelta original command line releases where you can get versions 3.0.11 latest stable release and 3.1.0 beta release, but you need to know the commands to use it with command prompt. The last update was 2016: https://github.com/jmacd/xdelta-gpl/releases This link is for xdelta3 GUI 1.0.7.zip which is the latest version of another old GUI from 2012, uses xdelta command line program version 3.0.4: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xdelta3-gui/files/ This link is for xdelta3.GUI.2.0.v2.0.9.zip, which is the latest version of the latest new xdelta GUI and uses the latest xdelta beta version 3.1.0 from xdelta.org last updated in 2016: https://github.com/Moodkiller/xdelta3-gui-2.0/releases I don't know if there are others, but the last link uses the latest xdelta so there's no reason to look further. I assume the latest version is always best but maybe not.