Chocolat no Mahou OVA 11 sub [MovingLines][RTM][720p] v2.mkv

2020-02-06 06:29 UTC
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This one took me a little longer to complete but in the meantime RTM managed to find me a better source than the one currently on the CIAO's youtube channel. He put a lot of work on it and it's appreciated. Thanks again RTM :)

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  • Chocolat no Mahou OVA 11 sub [MovingLines][RTM][720p] v2.mkv (110.3 MiB)
Thanks again for the great subs Vaz!


Thanks for the subs! For those curious, the main episode is taken from the Kids Station TV airing, ED is from the Youtube stream (KS didn't have ED), and audio is from the German fansub DVD release. Unfortunately, I cannot encode Ep12 until it gets streamed on Youtube, as the German DVD fansub has a hardsubbed ED (ED has slight differences episode to episode). Will also do a new encode for Ep10 for the batch, as the Youtube stream for that episode was pretty bad.
In episode 3, atthe end you missed to translate "Kono Sekai" If i heard well it sounds anata no kono sekai - this world for you or your world and in the subs is "This is for you"
Also you did mess upwith names, sometimes correct, as the japanese said, sometimes the messed up english order. Best to keep the original, people who do not respect culture, does not deserve a reverse name order.

vaz11111 (uploader)

Well you are correct about those last lines. Should be something like "I'll take it... Your... outlook of this world" I don't know what happened. I have to say that this translation date from about 5 years ago, I should have reviewed it when I sent it in the wild. I will put a corrected version when all the episodes are out and do a compilation torrent. As for reverse name or not, that's so nice of you to say it like that.