Promare (2019) [BD][1920x1080 H264 DTS-HD MA 5.1][B76B74D7].mkv

2020-02-06 05:01 UTC
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Encode of BDMV source. Video: h264 main L4.0, crf 16, 1920x1080 Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1 [Subtitles]( Altered (fixed typos, sub style, line breaks) PromareDayOne's transcribed subs Font used for subs: Fontin Sans Rg I edited the v1.1 subs of PromareDayOne's in my release to be more basic without fancy styling along with having more consistent line breaks, fixed typos, and other slight changes. In all theres 214 changed lines between my edited version and v1.1. Suggested watch order: Galo-hen -> Lio-hen -> Movie Prequels: [Promare Galo-hen]( [Promare Lio-hen]( Screenshots: ![Screenshot 1]( ![Screenshot 2]( ![Screenshot 3]( ![Screenshot 4](

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  • [Leeson] Promare (2019) [BD][1920x1080 H264 DTS-HD MA 5.1][B76B74D7].mkv (7.6 GiB)
Noo :( Please upload the rest of the Blu-ray. Like the OST for example, pleaseeee
no one has it, it's locked behind the private trackers. I made a x265 of this, btw. I thought about leaving the dts-hd but it adds 3.5gbs to the file. the audio is bigger than the video lmao/
@fruitsbasket81 That's sad i could care less about the movie, I wish I had the OST :(
@therandom There's the OST here: Or are you looking for the blu ray bonus soundtrack (Promare Original Soundtrack Remix & Re-arrange CD by Hiroyuki Sawano)?
The current BDMV available seems to be the regular edition, which only has the movie. The extras like the OST, Side Stories, Commentary tracks etc are included in only the limited edition. So either you'll have to wait for that to pop up or buy it yourself :)
@ItsMeLeeson Yes obvi the Remix & Re-arrange CD, but yea I wish they were up sooner, but guess we have to wait.
@wafflesama Some screenshots are now up.
Thanks for the screenshots!
The Remix and Rearrange CD would be very much appreciated. :)
I'm on animebytes and the remixed OST aint on there. Noone has uploaded it yet.
is there a certain font I have to have installed for this? text doesn't look the same on my end (I'm using VLC)
the fonts used are these - from here -
maybe use a font with not shit kerning instead of passing around that shit collection
@govna you realize that you can change the fonts on .mkv files right?
The font is Fontin Sans Rg. It's not the ones in the old release.
amazing to see the complaints and excess entitlement to a free sharing of a stolen set of films. rather remarkable
I agree, Adam. [It sure sucks when people complain about the dumbest shit.](
light spittin' fax
@LightArrowsEXE fucking rekt
Someone is making subs for you but you are shitting on him. He actually did a good job
> Owned like a sex slave Doing god's work.
When will the soundtrack be available??
Is there only one bonus track on the blu ray release and the rest is same as the ost??
Can you upload the sub file? I want to use these subs with the remux since the bitrate on this torrent is a bit shitty.
@random_guy Subs:
@ItsMeLeeson thanks bro
Thanks I like these fonts
other than a couple meme lines and one grammatical error (that I noticed) which were easily fixed these were great, thanks!
Thank you, watched it with your subs and the only thing I noticed was: Dialogue: 1,1:27:27.76,1:27:30.59,Default,,0,0,0,,Absolute Zero Heat Death Cannon. Dialogue: 0,1:27:30.60,1:27:33.60,Default,,0,0,0,,{\i1}The ultimate freezing weapon,\Ncreated for protection These lines overlapped in your script. (I already fixed them for me for a potential rewatch.)
@ItsMeLeeson May I ask why you didn't include the font you've used? I don't see it in the container. Could you at least add a link to DL it in the description please?