[sensual] PROMARE [BD 1080p]

2020-02-05 20:39 UTC
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5.2 GiB
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English subs.

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  • [sensual] Promare - 01 - Complete Movie [B19BAAFF].mkv (5.2 GiB)
Is it PromareDayOne's sub? softcoded with no jp subs like the released one?
whos subs are these
Looks like PromareDayOne’s sub though I am not 100% certain
Are the subs any good?
If it is PromareDayOne's then it should be good, as they made it from the cam version.
Yeah they seem good enough to me however he made a quick update to the subs in the time this encode was posted https://pastebin.com/AjpGDAWx
>Bit rate mode : Constant >Bit rate : 6 000 kb/s no. even a handbrake encode at crf16 would be better than this
wow these subs are shit
can the subs be swapped out w/another sub file, or are the subs for this embedded into the video? Vuze is still taking an eternity to download a RAW file of Promare that was posted here earlier today. Yet I have found a fansub for it from r/promare.
> your *you're
if these subs are the reddit ones then they are just gkids subs timed
@give_up-the_ghost The movie's in an MKV container, so you can just swap it out using MKVToolNix or something else.
Post the extra contents, like the Remix CD
Guess will wait for v2, but glad it's already up so quickly :O
garbage ass->srt conversion
this is the last time i watch a new release before waiting for feedback from more informed users