[BDREMUX] Promare

2020-02-05 15:34 UTC
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32.3 GiB
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| Cover| | :-------------: |:-------------:| -----:| |[![Promare.png](https://i.pstorage.space/i/Y9WoYD01k/original_Promare_Cover.png)](tps://i.pstorage.space/i/Y9WoYD01k/original_Promare_Cover/)| | Video Codec | Audio | Subtitles | |:-: |:-------------:| :-----:| :-----:| :---:| |AVC 1080p |Japanese DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1/2.0 48Hz 24-bit | Japanese PGS | Credit| | :-------------: |:-------------:| -----:| |Mabors-Sub|

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  • [BDREMUX] Promare.mkv (32.3 GiB)
does this include the Galo/Lio shorts?


Seems like its just the main movie, as its a single .mkv file
Should've uploaded the BDMV as-is for cross-seeding purposes tbh.
I've found and watched the Galo and Lio shorts on kickassanime will DL this and wait for a sub file or subbed version to appear...if this ever downloads. Such a huge file size. Vuze can't even download it as I'm typing this comment...
Galo and Lio shorts are available on nyaa and idk why the subbed file is not available yet bcoz the old cam version was subbed and the text was visible they just have to match it if anyone know's if the subbed files are out let me know where to find them
@offbrand There are subs available on the r/promare Reddit, gotta have a rip of the actual movie tho.
@LightArrowsEXE, as I've heard, BDMV is on private trackers and it is exclusive, so no public ones. So maybe that's why uploader is anonymous.
Is there japanese subtitles in this or can it be disabled?
@offbrand, because it's a remux, they're just an another "stream" in the mkv container. So you can enable/disable them.
@solomax okay so i can turn it off right bocz 【幻之字幕组】剧场版 普罗米亚 PROMARE [720P][GB][BDrip][AVC AAC YUV420P8] in this one its just there and Reading eng subs on top of jap subs is very annoying
If the Blu-ray is exclusive don't upload it. Remix or encodes are fine for any purposes. Wouldn't want to uploaders too stop uploading
I'll be doing an encode of this when it finishes downloading, with promaredayone's subs. since they're like, the only ones atm.
Can you please upload the Japanese captions in PGS separately?
@Anonyneko Here you go! https://mega.nz/#!rDpz3AII!cf2sOBYyvqKAI0RGsSfNtMzSuh6xcIr381CPG9VMAo8
Post the extra contents, like the Remix CD pleasee
@TGminer thank you very much!
Seeding using an extra hard drive.
https://public.ch.files.1drv.com/y4msa95VL5YdPVqBV3b4utzdoVsfgSl7ZwsUXUClPeu_K3f4TIjM3U36HIqIN1Jt5QjMq3eKdNFzjlNvivHARk_59ohBVkYXRUBHFLiScS39jU6jCQmru0LIc6lfLfP0KGkN78bxLJSdd0BGjZ1VspJMe4V3K0H89DGdIO9XG9_JOmgO6U7GnvqhdBoKr7U7GoJt-lw4-0_1caUujoLsUsDQeaOeE2AU-oHSbLl_uBhRDo?access_token=EwAYA61DBAAUzl/nWKUlBg14ZGcybuC4/OHFdfEAAYBeskrQ48VGuIdTAyyMeGgMfE/Lmh85Vu7V9bVMmCsSatQL%2bRgb0HRysQk6iWwBJaM6iBg7LN6OYsiL%2bFj1bxvfXgkmLnIlyCT/jD46Kk3NdCtoaB3mCI46aHfKmOAMeN7R3jvozO0eagQipvWFu3CxVHQIcqeYZ61nq8hooFKeu5bfey4i2zzzSZ4n/Sx9F/Sb%2bSvBBWdvjBoC9pCdAQTT2%2br0MAJANat5v13soJPGWsoH0BZdqFihlwM77fn1BLYotZkKBWA9l4GujloDBGvKQOrwXKAf/iarfsSV4URgeyO7/YWkdbvk%2bwUzMzJnpnbBb3auP5pODn3w9r0D6TsDZgAACFz7hAq4Dp6h6AHMpOk9kXgJ5e7mX9YDGYbZQDeANJjFvYbgMyfBfHbw0O4O9fAiDU3hHiggHw0oM4huIGHibT/GMOJ12R/XR6CczyEZeqc3DmT14hn6ZTWiq0/FScPzWyH4T4TX9VS3KS0/PG5r8/xRnKV06Mhm8o1xe%2btTxzIg4jZ9SvdxwKDzubqTyrpp6FGzwtku53tPiUZIgD9S3pyLZ5PGRmfmZtQpe%2bc87RBU8Cu2IlNxY8cMceYk2OMY06AuoyVOnDteOqw6gb8G7wV93aP/OXnVA%2bt0krHCRahzjstuZLagC6/fKNMURaJYx4AdsVq9QqO96RxHyFB9Hu3qVBexQjf%2boPr4n1BVaNpgZvX6C7BhwWeImSa5qpygTGeCwft7eQdDTVOoyS6e%2bNdJD4NPy9itjE%2bI5aZhAHvte7mUGIFG1IB0fMc/vizmxciqfRV2KvB4XPoJybo1k8zBaGKBUlkyieZlqXYyAF/lgDjac26MVMey/IJuFA8nlZX3B0LgwwKjypusXTprnGyJHU/UkynERe0gbGlPC95pwjMwhF4BmAjUTC3MaxEE8q8ZKb5QdElI6ejzQzSKjHyZyjKXe8owTi5/3hekfIyEXwOMVYyF7HFvSkAtG2ubcRu5wI6ioTbZYZQZemS/46guvx0C DDL