2020-02-03 16:13 UTC
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"I Hate You" The members go out for dinner together and Ryo shares some upsetting news. Later, he discusses his feelings honestly, and Vivi makes one last stand. Uploaded 1080p format… Enjoy!

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  • Terrace.House.Tokyo.2019-2020.S03E08.Week32.I.Hate.You.mkv (1.9 GiB)
@_manek - Any chance of uploading future episodes in small size (400MB-600MB) like your past releases? These big size episodes take alot of bandwidth & space to download.
Was expecting you'd upload this late because of work but you still delivered. Thank you!

_manek (uploader)

@gemini27 - sorry, unfortunately I can only get the size whenever it gets ripped at the time. I can't wait for different resolutions to download every time I get a NEW episode.
thanks as always! you're the best
Thanks! huge file btw, but ok.
@_manek,, salamats.. thanks!..
Are these still WEBrips or are they WEB-dl versions? The file size seems to be around what the web-dls were a couple weeks back. Either way, thanks for the upload!
THanks for the 1080p >1gb file! Love this quality. You're the best!
these are still crappy webrips
@Nala_Alan I'm very grateful to _manek for these uploads, as as many others. Quality is perfectly fine, unless you're an archivist. Not sure why you'd feel the need for a comment like that, especially without providing an alternative upload.

_manek (uploader)

@Nala_Alan likes to troll my uploads when they haven't done any uploads themselves! Haven't done anything wrong here, just uploading for people to enjoy. Some people like @Nala_Alan are bitter they can't do a better job!
@Nala_Alan: I'm personally holding out for WEB-DLs, but @_manek is doing the community a great favor! It's true that these WEBRips aren't ideal, but let's just be thankful and appreciative :)
@Nala_Alan fast crappy webrips still way better than NoRips at all LOL. Even in trolling, you still ain't good at it dude hahaha


I like the bigger 1080p. Smaller file size seems great now but years later when you want to re-watch TH, you'll be thankful for the 1080p. Besides, 720p or less on a 4K TV looks blurry now.
thank you for the upload. waiting for the next one