[Doki] Magia Record - Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden - 05 (1280x720 HEVC AAC) [C8BAD71C].mkv

2020-02-03 05:55 UTC
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  • [Doki] Magia Record - Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden - 05 (1280x720 HEVC AAC) [C8BAD71C].mkv (494.7 MiB)
Even DOKI has completely fallen for the trap. You guys have been around long enough to know that anything other than 8bit AVC is a waste. The files are useless once you take them off a computer. Which is exactly why funi went through all the trouble to insert those codecs into Anime and use A.I to make it popular. To stop it from being watched anywhere anytime by stopping sharing offline. Restricting fans ability to enjoy your encodes is a guaranteed way to lose donation support. It already be known you can get the same results at 60fps. Thanks for the subs guess,Time to make my own encodes again to enjoy the show on any Tv media player etc.
@FindTheAnswers Nowadays televisions have built-in hevc support. Fansubbers can't be blamed if your device can't support a several (maybe seven? dunno exactly) year old technology (or has some bugs in it). But hey, show me a fansub group that supports all kind of playback devices. Fansubbers' general optinion is that you should reencode the release yourself if you want some kind of 'special use'. This is the reason guides are exist. Or you can just wait for others to upload a reencoded version (those are still a thing). I don't even understand why you brought Funi up, I believe it has nothing to do with the general playback of your TV. Online video supports of browsers are really terrible, however it's not an excuse for Funi's bad encodes and subs.
Funi is prob. higher quality, since it's just HEVC re-encode. Unless they've used dehardsubed Wakanim. Anyway, you can get subs from Anime Tosho. Re-name HS file and it'll work just fine.
@FindTheAnswers you got a new toaster? Why not throw it away?
@FindTheAnswers - Hey bro, we're in the year 2020 you realise? Time to upgrade your stone tablet and progress through the stoneage into the future where you can watch anything on your big screen.
Can you guys help me seed this torrent in the link right now? Here's the link: https://nyaa.si/view/1165855
Even my phone can run this smoothly and it's not even a flagship model. Dumbest complaint I've heard this year.
@FindTheAnswers The majority of video compatibility on this site are done to be used on Desktop PC's using a competent video player(s) first and foremost. Any other formats that happen to also be compatible are just added toppings. To be viewed on your TV is an issue at YOUR end and nobody else's. This is where you start to learn how to re-encode it yourself if the video is encoded in 10 or 12 bit and your chosen platform is incompatible. There's video guides and such. If your too lazy there are re-encode groups like Dead Fish (found over at https://anidex.info/ ) and so forth. Further, if you can't even play HEVC on your machine (or TV or something) while my 2008 manufactured old PC with a shitty integrated intel graphic can it's seriously time to look into upgrading. Tax season is already here if you're in the USA. I recommend a Ryzen PC no clue about TV's.
@noZA_ some newer TVs have native HEVC 10bit decoder, so it's his issue not upgrading his toaster
Thanks for the encode! Me and my notebook can really use some smaller filesizes! I never want to sacrifice quality for it though so I really like good HEVC encodes, some people can watch 100mb episodes and not notice all the blockiness, specially in dark scenes, I definitely am not one of them. Thanks for the treat!