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2020-02-02 04:36 UTC
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  • [anon] Healin' Good Precure - 01.mkv (404.4 MiB)
Thanks! can you upload the .ass somewhere like mega?
This looks interesting.. I'll give her a go. Danke schön.
Wow, super early this season.
Just so you know, those 1080p raws will only be available for episodes 1 and 2, I believe. Thank you for the subs.
yeah, kinda pointless to sub to them
Glorious. thanks so much, kindest anon
Thank you so much! Looking forward to making another group of friends and having another bunch of my own already-thought-about moral or spiritual values reinforced (seriously, Precure is so beautiful it does that for me) 💖
Missing preview: Let's do our best together, Rabbirin. No... Rabbirin? I'm going to find a different partner! What? Why? Next time on Healin' Good Precure: The partnership is over? I'm not good enough? Have fun watching!
Oh, thanks for translating the preview xD


Youtube raw means no preview at the end for ep 2 (it had the season promo in its place). Thanks for the subs though!
welcome back old friend
I recommend you stop here while you still can before trying to rush your way through translating the next 50 weeks of episodes. Maybe your English just isn’t that good, or maybe you’re a younger or more inexperienced translator—either way, subbing takes a lot of dedication and more time than you might expect. You shouldn’t be doing it to try and be the first or to please people on /a/. Take a little more time with your episodes, work on your English and Aegisub skills a bit more, and most importantly, do it because you like it. Don’t get in over your head just because there are no better alternatives. It’s not unwatchable and I didn’t notice any glaring translation errors while skimming through, but it was enough to make me want to comment and maybe warn you about what you’re getting into.
youtube raws wont be available every week so you may want to consider using commie raws since they upload weekly
btw thanks for the subs
Thank you anon for saving us again
Thank you so much! 💖
Maxine: Jesus Christ just go away. You talk as if [anon] hasn't done Precure subs in the past. [anon] is a veteran at subbing Precure anime. If you don't like something don't talk about it and go away. If you think there is a better way to sub Precure then you do it and please your own damn self.
Maxine: What is your damage? Did someone hurt you or something? "It’s not unwatchable" - what? The subs were perfectly fine and the styling was the same as previous anon subs for Star Twinkle. I really don't get why you need to shit on someone doing something really nice for the PreCure Community. @anon: Thank you very much as always <3
holy shit talk about butthurt reaction to some mild criticism p.s. having subbed precure for a while means nothing. they could've done a bad job the entire time.
While what Maxine said in her overly long post can be true for newcomers to the fansubbing scene, [anon] is already a veteran of the hardships of subbing long series. Burnout, the condition she appears to be hinting at, is the reason that so many newly-formed groups have quit after only a couple of episodes. Filtering out what can easily be misinterpreted as insults, her post boils down to "If subbing loses its fun, beware". @anon Thank you very much for your hard work. From a fellow 15-year veteran of fansubbing who, because my hearing isn't what it used to be, now prefers to do QC and typesetting.
Criticizing something is fine, but blatantly telling someone to stop doing something cause they're bad at it pretty dumb. Maxine could have stopped with the English is terrible, but going beyond that by recommending to stop working on this is just being an ass. If anon wants to do it to please /a/ then let him. Anon doesn't have to sub the whole season either. Heck he can stop on episode 3 if he wants to. That's what fan subbing is as shown by the plethora fansubs that have dropped shows midway.
this is a different anon desu
stopping if you're doing a bad job is actually good advice. you really think someone better will show up if there's already mediocre subs? maybe 5-10 years ago, but not now. in any case, i read it more as "stop rushing to release quickly because you did a pretty bad job." or maybe the anon just doesn't know much about how to fansub. downside of subbing alone instead of with an existing group.
Thanks a lot for the subs, very enjoyable first episode!
Hi. I made a post before but deleted it. But after seeing what's transpired I want to post again, perhaps in a more well mannered and/or well thought out way than what I wrote before. I think anon should keep doing what they like and follow their dreams. Obviously, like FairluRoze said, nobody can nor should force anon to continue. But that's part of the point. I would however be sad if they stopped due to feeling hurt or demotivated by hurtful critisism they received (which did NOT feel mild to me, but rather condescending), and I imagine so would many other people who wanted them to continue too. Anon IS doing something good for others. Even if the translation is subpar, it's better than nothing, and better than the idea of nobody being able to watch the newest Precure in English at all. For the record I watched this sub of episode 1 without issue. It was indeed understandable enough, didn't even actually notice any flaws in particular, present as they may possibly be. and I also really liked the episode itself! anon, I want you to know I really appreciate what you do. Precure means a lot to me, changed my very person for the better, and I would not be able to watch it in a realistically possible manner if it were not for the efforts of you and/or other fansubbers. Others may say what they may about piracy, even Toei themselves, but fact remains that you are a positive force of good for the world... for others in general. Those who don't appreciate your efforts should be ignored. and once again, thank you. 💖 also, the contents of this entire message still all applies regardless of whether this is the usual anon or a different one. :)
We should be grateful for what we get, for the past 10 years ive only seen 1 or 2 groups subbing precure, and like 5 other groups subbing Super Sentai and Kamen Rider from 2010 to 2015 they were like 2 groups subbing precure, and 2016 to now its like only one group so lets not knock the subber for doing this service for us fans if you think you can do a better job, join in and help subtitle the series with your own releases! i want precure to have as many releases as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. lets not fight, lets get along, and if you can help with releasing the series by sunday morning please help!! :)
>if you think you can do a better job, join in and help subtitle the series with your own releases! i already subbed 3 seasons, lol
@herkz maybe you did (I thought you only provided RAWs but I'll take your word on it regardless) but most of the other commenters who actually bashed anon, they likely didn't, as they're seemingly just random commenters. I believe keitaamano00 was targeting those people, not you, herkz. Still, if you did it in the past, but aren't doing it any more now, nothing is stopping you from doing it again for the same reasons keita said.... No one's gonna force you to do it, either. But still, hopefully you get the point. If anon's the only one even willing to do it, you can't just say they need to stop if you don't like the job they're doing... (even if you did do your own people shouldn't tell anon to stop anyways, just do your own on top and then people would just choose to watch whichever one they like) :)
i subbed dokidoki, heartcatch, and gopri. i just watch it raw now though since the anime is literally for kids and you don't need to be that good at japanese to understand it. better than dealing with random subbers who (at least to my experienced eye) have no idea what they're doing.
well, you do you then. But I still love anon's work, and I disagree with you about the RAW thing so with my watching habits I do differently than you. It is not reasonably watchable in RAW for me. I'd rather watch an imperfect sub, I either don't notice the flaws or if anything they actually help me learn bits of Japanese by giving me the ability to compare stuff. And I'm genuinely annoyed that you saw Maxine's comment as "mild criticism", when their comment was obviously really rude and condescending. like, I'm sorry if I seem mean or I'm making drama, but I really loved and enjoyed the episode while watching anon's sub, and I don't see why there's such a need to put people down or tell them to stop doing things that don't actually hurt anyone... just let others enjoy what they enjoy and do your own thing at the same time. I'm a bit confused as well because anon kept linking and subbing your RAWs in particular so I thought you were tight with them. Unless it's a different anon like the one person said (a bit of confusion there maybe?) but even then my point still stands. I still liked their sub...
the cool millennials' "burn" comment: "who hurt you?" so cringe btw
@zetsu_shoren being nice and standing up for others is cringe? pointing out the fact that harmless/innocent things should be protected since they aren't hurting anyone, saying that putting people down is wrong, and encouraging others to follow their dreams, is cringe? but that's the very morals of precure... "millennials" and "boomers" are merely terms for somebody's age ultimately, I'm tired of seeing these terms thrown around as if they somehow just make somebody evil or something. I guess it could be a worse form of bigotry though.... It could be xenophobia against Spanish people, that appears on this place too, sometimes in a pretty blatant fashion. Somebody basically said Spanish subs don't deserve to exist, because they thought that Spanish people should be forced to learn English and that they're a "garbage country". even though it was the subber's own choice to sub it for them to begin with, because they just wanted to help them. That commentary disgusted me. especially given how Precure blatantly has an anti bigotry pro acceptance message and has a hispanic main hero. I honestly don't understand why mean people like this would even show any interest in watching Precure at all, let alone actively partake in doing anything with it in a community, when they literally don't appreciate what it stands for at ALL. Maybe you think it's "just entertainment" or "just fiction" or something. but still, people choose what series they are fans of, over other things, based on SOMETHING that appeals to them, else they'd go watch Madoka Magica or something... making it even more difficult for me to understand. Apparently I'm cringe though just cause I believe in kindness and doing the right thing...
I prefer seeing the genuinely honest "thank you anon" comments that are short but genuine. instead of this. judging from mean behavior patterns I see I worry you're likely gonna say something like "oh people shouldn't demand only praise and no criticism" or something but that's really not what it is, it's just them appreciating the kindness of another and being kind back in return. instead of being jerks that do worse than criticize. negativity that involves pointing out evil, in a polite way though, to stand up for yourself or others is one thing, but ultimately, if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all. that's not cringe either, that's common wisdom that any decent human would follow. I mean, maybe this site has the same standards as 4chan in some people's eyes where using slurs or at least blatant bigotry is fine or something. clarify that to me now and I'll silently leave and either delete my account/lurk or never post again. that'd be a shame though, cause it doesn't have to be that way... and it didn't used to be, at least not seemingly...
I think that all people that are critizizing in a way that is not very helpful should show, that they are better at it. I am very pleased that anon is translating this. , because I and many other people do not understand much japanese, even if it is for kids. I also do fansubbing and translate anon's sub for the german fanbase. So thanks again and do you job, if you like doing it. I guess that is one of the very important reasons to fansub: that you like to do that for you and others. Sorry for eventually bad english, since it's not my own language.
@dreambird1973 thank you so much. seeing your comment appear alongside Lala's smiling face makes me so happy. I know that may sound a bit over dramatic of me, and there were other nice comments too besides just yours... but after encountering that stuff above... yours really served to lighten my mood and relieve my stress level that I was currently feeling.... 💖
i was criticising the people who couldn't take honest criticism from someone who appears to highly values fansubbing the effort of translating along is appreciated, but if it's meant for English speakers who can't understand Japanese, then as Maxine pointed out, though there may have not been much errors in the translation itself, it's the effort of making the subs feel like they fit with the series which is part of the whole fansubbing culture personally i share the same sentiment towards some "fansubbers" who not only keeps the subs separate from the mkv files, but also doesn't include fonts or any styling it feels commercialised, like watching HorribleSubs
As long as the morality and feelings of the show are preserved, and it's not completely ruined by someone who doesn't recognize the show as being the purity fest that it is, that's what matters to me. I think anon especially does a good job in this regard. I've also seen some of his upload descriptions as indications that he himself is a kind human being. That matters to me also, more than the quality of the sub even. I did notice for example that Anon put "curse you" in cases where ToeiPrettyGuardians had slightly more crudely put "damn you" instead, this happened on multiple occasions. I think that's a good example of "preserving/fitting the series". Although I don't have actual issues with mild swearing, I think anon's way makes it fit the originally intended viewing experience, based on what we know is the actual target audience, slightly better. But, I must know. Why is a person who makes age-ist (type of bigot) comments and also says 4channy things like "oh that's cringe"... suddenly seemingly changing their tune by actually sounding at least somewhat reasonable? If you're being for reals, then great. But, I have difficulty trusting others who do 180s in general...
>I’m a bit confused as well because anon kept linking and subbing your RAWs in particular so I thought you were tight with them. >Unless it’s a different anon like the one person said (a bit of confusion there maybe?) but even then my point still stands. I still liked their sub… no, i have no idea who any of the anon subbers are. i started encoding the raws before any of them popped up because the existing raws are all really bad and i wanted to watch the show.
well it's like... mainly one anon who's actually consistent and well known despite being an anon. It's the same person been subbing for multiple years in a row (since Kira Kira+ if I'm not mistaken). I imagine they simply have their own good reason for not identifying themself.... :)
If someone isn't subbing precure and is criticizing the only person that is they deserve to be shot
[anon] Healin' Good Precure - 02.mkv https://www.tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=1422789
@Senti I agree with your ideology. Except for the death threat and homophobic f-word part. That's not cool, although I can understand your anger. but I completely agree with you on the rest. @Gian thank you for the link! idk what happened though. Did the anon move to another website because of the drama that happened here? Understandable, even if sad...
And when I say "I can understand your anger", I really mean it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSsFFEA5UpI I know what it's like to be in the position where I just can't stand mean behavior anymore and then all I can think is I wanna write something like that.... or make something like the above video (made it a few days ago). as for my tweet to the toei director, I apologize to anyone hurt by it. Both the toei director, and anyone here as well if they were truly affected by it somehow. (that's exactly why I deleted it, also DM'd polite apology to the director) ❤️ and, um, Anon, if you see this, take care! I wish you good luck in your future efforts... 💖
Oh thanks for ep 2 link, I've been waiting from morning.
they used some absolutely shit video (or re-encoded some existing release) so really nothing of value was lost with it not being uploaded here tbh
@Maxine I'll take this over no subs at all, thank you very much.