Ishuzoku Reviewers - 04 (WEBDL 1080p AAC)

2020-02-01 15:08 UTC
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censured version* wknm now we are waiting for version 3in1) we hope for [OWO], [Judas], [Okay-Subs], [Yabai] ^_^ [![](](

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  • Ishuzoku Reviewers - 04 (WEB-DL 1080p AAC).mp4 (1.6 GiB)
Don't hope. Those depended on Funi's subs, and now that option has been cut. We need proper fansubbers to translate from scratch, instead of using Funi's subs
Do hope. It seems some people (outside of those just listed) are interested in doing it from scratch.
Is this a rip from Baha?
We need GJM to save the day once again, or else it's over. Also the french translation will still be avaliable on wakanim france, what a joke.
wait, funi dropped it?!
>Is this a rip from Baha? >censured version* wknm wknm = wakanim
zaxman, he edited that in the description after my comment
Yep. "didn't meet company standards". Real reason: some bigwig didn't like it, ordered to have it removed without much warning. Given Funi is owned by Sony now and Sony's own shenanigans, I start suspecting Sony
@Sukeroku my bad
wait, this isn't in Japanese...
It's definitely Sony since Wakanim is affected as well:
Your dumb ass is commenting on a fresh wakanim rip's page, kamiyan.
Explain Kamiyan's tweet from Wakanim themselves and this release existing
It's raw though. IDK, maybe he took it from Wakanim Russia, or something. My tweet is from Wakanim Nordic.
Is the AnimeLab version available? There's no announcement afaik.
@Dark_Pride at Sunday.
animelab is hardsubbed and shit quality/filesize


We french don't care
this is truly an apocalypse
Funimation: Hey, let's license this show and even simuldub it! We love ecchi! Also Funimation: Wtf this show has ecchi in it?! REMOVE FROM ALL PLATFORMS!
> hope for [OWO], [Judas], [Okay-Subs], [Yabai] ^_^ [OWO] dropped since there's no official subtitles and apparently there's already a ~~memesub~~ fansub doing, I don't need to do this anymore.
> DIO: We french don’t care Looks like France needs to be invaded again
Yep, do hope ;)