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2020-02-01 14:36 UTC
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  • [Ohys-Raws] Ishuzoku Reviewers - 04 (AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 (427.5 MiB)
Just wanted to say thanks!
Heads up that there'll be no more Horriblesubs of this as this series turned out to be too lewd for Funimation to keep simulcasting. It's all up to the fansubbers.
The first show to be so lewd that a simulcasting service decides to stop subbing and dubbing it while it's airing. They made history LMAO
The absolute madmen.
AnimeLab (for non Americans) says they're still releasing official subs on Sundays, no idea is fansubs will beat them to it.
Normies will never be able to appreciate true art.
@Seko Source? there's nothing on their twitter about it.
@Blanchimont go on their website, they removed all traces of it
I hope someone makes subs for this !!! It is best anime of this season
I guess i'll download it now and patiently wait for a sub to be made. Stupid normies ruining anime for everyone...
FUNimation said it didn't comply with their "company's standards." They probably have done this because they are owned by Sony.
Are there still even any fansubers in this day and age who actually make the subs and not just translate everything via google translator?
@Zetsu of course there are, fansubbing is alive and well, Dorohedoro gets subbed weekly by fansubbers, no studio picked it up, it's got bunch of gore, murder, torture etc, it airs same day as reviewers as well... so today new episode came out, in a day fansub will appear by bunch of different people so theres something to choose from, give it couple of days and this will have fansub as well, next week we will have dedicated subbers working on Reviewers as well. Funi generated too much attention with their actions, it's only matter of time for subs to show up.
Is this one the uncensored version?
Looks like Wakanim (Germany / France) still released the 4th episode with subs.
'Supposedly', Wakanim has dropped it too after this episode, according to posts on other sites.
Wakanim's English releases are dropped because they relied on Funi's script too. Though from what I've heard, AnimeLab (the other streaming service that relied on Funi's subs) will continue anyhow.
This shows how much of a shitshow the western anime distribution still is. Funimation being the biggest offender of bullshittery. I guess a literal casting couch is within their company standards, though. DL and wait for fansubs it is.
has there been any subtitle files available for this version of the episode? i see that there’s subs by other uploaders here, but they’re not high quality enough for what i‘m looking for.