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2020-01-30 15:31 UTC
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For those curious, [REDACTED] dropped this show at episode 3 and deleted these releases off nyaa for "legal reasons" (he's a lawyer and thinks loli is illegal in the united states. tbh i somewhat understand being paranoid about this kinda thing, but i highly doubt anyone would have pursued even anything close to that, it feels more like moral grandstanding than him being concerned of "legal reasons", but that's just my opinion) Anyway, I see nothing in the rules about reuploading torrents that were previously deleted by the uploader, so I'm gonna reupload this since they are still the best releases for episode 1&2 atm. I will note that the mods of this site have always made fun of people who complain about "stealing others releases" on a website dedicated to piracy, so if this torrent ends up getting deleted at the request of [REDACTED], I hope I will not be the only person to call out their hypocrisy.

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following the laws isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway
Imagine picking up a show like this and not being ready for it to cross into weird territories. LMAO
the anime hates old elves that only look young since they stale inside
Yea! That's right! Which were the lolis from ep. 1 and 2? Oh well, I guess in some countries this is more of a deal than in others, so I hope [REDACTED] is doing ok now
I think he panicked because of the episode 3 halfling scene. Those are the lolis that made him panick and decide to just delete the first 2 episodes because he apparently went full paranoid and doesn't want to even be associated with the show. It's so stupid, though. I was wondering why they files were deleted, but I wasn't expecting this retardation. C'mon. Sukebei has fucking Shoujo Ramune and other loli hentai and nothing happened to anyone who uploaded that. Or to anyone who subbed that. Dear God, is [REDACTED] stupid
More like [REDACTED] just does not want the potential to get a criminal case on his lap. iirc he's not American either, so who knows what the laws are like where he is. If you ask me, it's totally fair to remove them and disassociate himself from it if he wants to, regardless of whether I think it's dumb or not.
This is being streamed legally in the US, so not sure what the OP is on about. I'm sure they'll be selling the blu-rays here, too.
Reminds me of the time FUNimation wanted to censor Vampire Bund because of the child porn scene and all the pedos came out to cry about it.
If someone wants to drop a show they are entitled to do so whether what people think is irrelevant. So [Redacted] decided to drop for the reasons he had which is fine
Too bad it's dropped. But at least i know it's dropped
>THIS IS STUPID BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT EVEN LOLIS. THEY’RE OLD, THEY SAID SO IN THE ANIME. Is this what happens when you watch too much anime? "300 year old vampire" stops being a meme and starts becoming reality? Imagine explaining the 300-year-old vampire thing to your mom. Do you think she would go "oh, okay, I guess that bath scene with that 'Shinobu' character wasn't totally creepy after all"? Now imagine you are being prosecuted for your cartoon loli porn and the entire jury is made up of people like your mom, and you try to make the argument that Crim is really a 300 y.o. angel or whatever. Do you feel like that would be a good situation? I don't mind at all that these were reuploaded. However, anyone who says that I am wrong about the legal risk does not know what they are talking about—you don't even know where I live or what laws apply to me. Likewise, it's outright wrong to say that I used the legal issues associated with this show as an excuse to drop it. If anyone has any questions regarding my reasons for dropping the show, you can PM me on Rizon.
poor motbob, you should come live with us in america, the true land of the free
\>I, who am not a lawyer, clearly know more about law than this or any other lawyer
Are you saying that the producers and everyone else who worked on this show are at legal risk in your country as well? How about the multi-million and billion dollar corporations that are backing it?
I'm no lawyer, but last I checked you couldn't sue residents of other countries for breaking laws that exist in your country but not theirs.
TL;DR: Laws are a funny thing. Info-tech laws much more so. Use encryption and anonymity tools as much as you can. In general, exploitation of children has to involve actual IRL children in 99% of the 1st world. However, that's in general. Circumstances sometimes matter more. * Were actual children involved in this anime? * Are you in a part of the world where that matters? * Is Jymmy's avatar pic legal in your part of the world? * How many of you have that cached in your browser tmp folder right now? * What if you erase everything now? "I didn't know! As soon as I did, I erased it!" * Is ignorance an excuse for the law? * Are you not allowed to have learning experiences? My recommendation for anyone doing anything "information illegal" is to have proper encryption. My personal preference is an [encrypted LUKS partition with a detached header.](https://skrilnetz.net/bullet-proof-data-encryption-with-luks-and-a-detached-header/). May be wise to use a proxy too. Though Nyaa.si blocking tor makes that one difficult. (Thanks Obama.)
Imagine living in a 1984 country type like country where drawings are illegal
"This is being streamed legally in the US, so not sure what the OP is on about. I’m sure they’ll be selling the blu-rays here, too." Funny you should mention that...
"This is being streamed legally in the US, so not sure what the OP is on about. I’m sure they’ll be selling the blu-rays here, too." Might want to check again...
FUNimation just dropped the show too because of the same issues. Also people keep saying lolicon is fine in the states, but it's really not. You can be prosecuted for it in many states. https://i.imgur.com/O83SrQl.jpg
@ChaoXide Don't come dragging with bullshit. There's no precedents to make that map anywhere near reality. The only case not involving real life material as well was the Handley case, and that was on obscenity charges, and would likely have dropped on appeal but Handley chose plea. And the district judge himself said, to quote verbatim, "There is no dispute the images in this case do not involve real children"...
Firstly, lolicon doesn't just involve anime. Thus the laws being referenced for that map also included all aspects of the lolicon definition which pretty much makes your entire comment moot, but you really do seem like you're trying very hard to remain in denial about being a pedo. That map was made based on what is actually stated in those states laws to the effect of what the term lolicon encompasses. Besides, just because there has been no high profile court case involving such laws, doesn't somehow mean the laws aren't in existence. Feel free to deny facts, but denial doesn't negate laws.
Wakanim now confirms they'll remove the title from their line-up as well: https://twitter.com/WakanimEU/status/1223553084221206535
@[Okay-Subs] plz upload Ep3 and 4
@ChaoXide Sorry, but your assertions remain bullshit unless you can back them up. Lolicon is legal in the states, the only thing it has against itself is obscenity charges and those have not a good record of being enforced in a higher court. So unless you can show even a sliver of evidence for your fantasies, shut up.
As someone who does not have perfect knowledge of every single DA's mindset towards cartoon loli porn, as someone who does not have perfect knowledge of every single criminal case in my jurisdiction (the details of which generally do not make international, national, or local news), and as someone who does not have a crystal ball to see whether a jury could reasonably interpret the child pornography statutes in my jurisdiction to cover Reviewers, I cannot share Blanchimont's confidence here.


Don't say stupid lol. It is just his choice that he doesn't want to do it! ?
I live in Kuwait. a muslim country which has 95% of hentai and porn website blocked (you can still use proxy sites to access some banned websites) And yet I'm not scared to download watch porn and download loli hentai. I have been doing that for like 6 years. I can't imagine someone in America is afraid to upload legal anime from japan.
@Blanchimont You're advertising that you're a pedo, but telling me to shut up because the facts don't fit your narrative? Okay pedo. It's not assertions, it's the law. I don't need to "back them up". Laws are factual and public record and they were looked up when that map was made, which is why that same graph has been shared around the internet when this topic has been brought up time and time again. You're just in denial. Any real lolicon is a pedo. We know you get off looking at kids. Rather funny that on more than one occasion in official subs of anime, they've actually translated lolicon as "pedophile". In fact this happened as recent as last season; and of course the pedos came out to riot. Seems pedos dislike being called out. You can't actually tell me what does or doesn't get enforced in court, because you have zero idea how many trials are done that don't actually make public news. For every well known case, there could be hundreds of thousands no one hears about. Can you prove one way or the other? Nope. So it's all just assumptions that because you specifically don't know about it, you assume it doesn't happen. Exactly as motbob said. motbob decided to take the high ground and drop an extremely questionable show and FUNimation decided they didn't want to dabble in pedophile territory and dropped the show. Besides FUNimation is in Texas, where it is in fact illegal. On the other hand, we can actually look at the laws themselves and determine whether it's legal or not (not whether it's actually enforced or not, no however), and as the actual laws show, in most of the US, it's not legal; or at best extremely questionable.
I've actually known one person online from the states that actually did get in trouble for downloading lolicon hentai and he was facing possible jail time over it. Several people know about the guy and about what happened to him so they can all vouch that it did take place. He went by the name FullmetalRaven on several forums such as Cartoon-World and was actively within several IRC channels on Rizon and Xertion. They raided his house, took his PC, arrested him, and took him to trial. I'm not sure how it turned out as the case was not made public. However it's been 5 years and no one has heard from the guy... so we assume it didn't go in his favor. But again, whether something is enforced or not doesn't mean it isn't written into the law. There are plenty of laws in existence that aren't enforced. For example did you know in the state of Texas, anal sex is illegal (look it up if you don't believe)? Did you know it's still written in the active law that if you milk your neighbors cow you can be sentenced to a hanging? Are these things enforced? Nope, but the law still exists anyways as it was never written out of the lawbook. In the end, the fact remains that the map you wish to deny is an accurate representation of the lawbooks in each state. If you wish to remain in denial, so be it, but that doesn't change facts. If you wish to enlighten yourself, you can do your own homework and check into the laws of your state and thus verify that it is in deed factual as already stated.
ChaoXide >>> your image is wrong https://i.imgur.com/O83SrQl.jpg I'm not going to check other states, but there is no statutes in Nebraska making it illegal. I've only heard of one or two states that explicitly call it out. However, it's a very Repugnican Christard state, so who knows, they would likely try.
Here is a man from Missouri who got 3 years for lolicon manga: http://cbldf.org/2013/02/missouri-man-receives-three-years-in-prison-for-comics/ @Dalamar Lolicon technically translates to pedophile, however Western anime fans tend to alter meanings of Japanese words to fit a different narrative. Like for example with Otaku, where it's an insult in Japan, but in the West people seem to wear it as a badge of pride. The same thing happened with lolicon; they've twisted the meaning to a point that it's referred to simply the attraction of anime characters that portray themselves as a child. For the record, actual pedophile behavior is illegal in all states. Now on the other hand, having something drawn isn't always in the lawbook or the wording of some laws make it seem more up to interpretation. As for Nebraska law itself, it says: > It shall be unlawful for a person nineteen years of age or older to knowingly possess any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct which has a child as one of its participants or portrayed observers. My interpretation of that is that "visual depiction" includes drawn images, not just photographs. As to whether a child-like drawing fits under the law or magically escapes just because they're "according" to the artist really a 300 year old vampire who just happened to be turned when they were 7... well that's not really my job to decide, but it's definitely a possibility and I'm not sure about you, but I, and clearly motbob, would rather play it safe.
He didn't have a trial by jury. That is how obscenity law works. He fucked himself by not demanding one, just like the last guy who took a plea deal instead of fighting. You realize all obscenity is illegal, and on some vague whim, you can be convicted for ANY porn, because it's not defined but is rather a community standard? This is why you eject the Christards and SJWs from society. Dropped cases are far more common than successful ones. America needs to be fixed. Remember the guy who made a scat movie using fuckin chocolate? 20 years + registered as sex offender...for doing literally nothing but pissing off some braindead christard.
oh yeah @ChaosXide piss off troll https://nebraskalegislature.gov/laws/statutes.php?statute=28-1463.02 they literally define the term for you --; a nonexistant fiction is not a "person"
Lolicon pornography's legal status in the US is questionable. Copyright infringement's legal status in the US, however, is not.
Well we can all make assumptions that a trial by jury may or may not have gone with a different verdict, but it's something we could never hope to prove otherwise unless the person appealed and tried it. Same with the other case, he took a plea deal because there was a very big chance the ruling could have been worse than the deal he took and he wasn't willing to risk it obviously. I haven't heard of the guy with chocolate, but that seems really silly that it would lead to a conviction. What did they specifically charge him with and find him guilty of exactly? It could very well be something specific to the state he lived in. Lots of laws are aren't exactly logical as you can see from some of the ones I mentioned in my earlier comment. We all know Japan has an extreme fascination with child porn and depicting such things within their artwork. They didn't even make CP itself illegal there until 2014, but the depiction of it in art barely slid outside the confines of their laws thanks to people over there claiming it was infringing on freedom of speech. However the Japanese government is still attempting to crack down on such things and put an end to it because most of the rest of the world frowns upon it. The UK has apparently outright banned lolicon manga and prosecuted people for being in possession of it according to this article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/57eaaf23-0cef-48c8-961f-41f2563b38aa
>However the Japanese government is still attempting to crack down on such things and put an end to it because most of the rest of the world frowns upon it. Last I heard, the Japanese government said "no thank you" when the UN "recommended" member states enact laws to ban sexual depictions of fictional minors.
@ChaoXide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ira_Isaacs
@ChaoXide Ass I said above, provide proof of those laws or shut up with your fantasies.
I'm not sure what you meant for me to get from the Ira Isaacs case, other than unlike the other cases he actually did get a trial by jury instead. But it seems like the jury voted against him 10-2, yet a mistrial happened, and then he was still charged for it all. This ordeal still boils down to questionable CP-like content being debated as to whether it should or shouldn't be, or is or isn't, illegal. When morally everyone should be disgusted by such things rather than attempting to justify it's existence regardless of the legality in your area. Which severely makes me question what kind of people would actually attempt to defend it? Certainly not the people I'd feel safe having my kids around of course. @Blanchimont It's not my job to do your homework. If you feel the law doesn't exist, go do your homework and figure it out. I'm not going to spend hours on end sourcing all 50 states just so you can once again deny their existence. People already did the homework and gave you the answer sheet with that map which has been shared around the internet for a lot of time. It's not my fault you would rather deny it so that you can continue justifying the fact you jerk off to drawn images depicting kids.
It IS "effectively legal", as he's saying, and the only ruling that was allowed to stand on loli in the supreme court is "obscenity". Danbooru and Gelbooru are run by people in the US and have been for almost 2 decades, loaded to the brim with loli - and common knowledge. One of which is or was hosted in the US. LEOs just don't care. All you gotta worry about is local concern trolls that find out and report you to a dumbass zealot cop and whether the court you end up in is a circus. And as I'm saying, ALL porn is "potentially obscene" and technically illegal, as we saw with fake scat guy. Objectively, jurors would be informed that porn regardless of character age is generally not obscene - and the appearance of fictional characters should not influence their decision because otherwise all porn would be illegal. However, American law is a circus and no one cares to fix it. Educating jurors is tampering, and there is no IQ requirement to be one, nor is there any requirement to be unbiased. Mark my words, it is not impossible for some totally vanilla legal porn to end up in a jury trial resulting in a conviction if you concentrate too many religious cucks in one place.
Oh, I fully agree that the outcome of trials often come down to bias based on the beliefs and interpretations of the law by that of the Judge or Jury members and that often times one would disagree with the findings of the court or rather agree that it is often a circus at best. Heck I've got an aunt who continuously brags every time she has been picked to be a jury (which has happened 3 times in the past few years) and even goes as far as to say she'll rule a guilty verdict, even before knowing what the case is about; if that doesn't scream that she shouldn't be on a jury idk what would, yet she keeps being picked as one.
Wasn't expecting to find one of these in-depth loli legality discussion here of all places, It didn't really even cross my mind that the halfling girl would be seen like that, but it's been an enjoyable read. Still, it would be nice if we wouldn't result to calling each other pedos, trolls and idiots :) We can all be civilized ecchi connoisseurs here. Wish all the best for motbob, its a fair decision, though it makes me sad to see something as great as Reviewers get dropped by so many people/companies. @ChaoXide I don't think there is a moral imperative to be disgusted by anything. A person who has never committed a harmful act in their life could be unperturbed by lolis and it wouldn't make them any less of a good person. I certainly do not think any less of someone who loves exceptionally violent video games, nor someone who can't stand to look at them. Same for how someone views lolis, though I understand most people consider that a much more touchy subject. One's tolerance for fictional depictions of things that are wrong in the real world is somewhat independent from their tolerance to the real thing, and I would say its more that they do not reserve true moral consideration for people who are not real. I would defend loli stuff until my dying day moreso because I value freedom of expression in art than anything else. It's disturbing imagery for many people though so I dislike when it appears without proper tagging or warning like in the middle of a seemingly normal anime. If someone wants to draw that or beat their meat to it, I think that's just fine, as long as people are ethical in their actions and kids are safe. I have a bit of a soft spot for good people who receive undue hate due to taboo sexual interests. Furries in particular usually turn out to be the most pleasant and kind people, but boy do people hate them. Brings a tear to me eye :,(
This is just fucking pathetic. If this is your mentality with drawings then I don't think subbing anime is for you guys.
@ChaoXide I don't need to do any homework. Because you haven't shown ANY law that prohibits loli so far in this thread despite claiming otherwise. None at all. As I've said, and as Dalamar above as well, the only challenge there could possibly be to lolicon is obscenity. If you want to change our minds, you have to provide something concrete. But you haven't done that. So, let me iterate so it's clear to everyone: LOLICON IS LEGAL IN US! (shota too, I guess...) And ChaoXide, I do fap to loli. So?
Florida resident here. I know there are at least 2 people at my university's anime club that own loli dakimakuras.
@Lazzil how did they get them through customs?
I'm not gonna lie, I've been reading this argument about lolicon and whether or not its legal in the United States, and I got interested. So I did some research as an innocent bystander who isn't siding with anyone here, and it looks like on a federal level, it is illegal... and in some states its legal, where in others it is banned. Wikipedia has an entire page about it with source material you can read. For anyone that is interested, you can read it below for both the USA and worldwide: [United States lolicon legal status (Wikipedia)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_drawn_pornography_depicting_minors#2008_%E2%80%93_present) [Lolicon legal status worldwide (Wikipedia)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_drawn_pornography_depicting_minors) ![](https://i.giphy.com/media/XreQmk7ETCak0/giphy.webp)
Because here in the west, completely fictional porn is the biggest crime in the world, screw actual people being trafficked and assaulted, don't you dare watch sexually offensive drawings! Fucking ridiculous. And anime fans who are against lolicon, stop being prude. You don't have to like it, hate it all you want, but you don't get to decide what kind of anime girls I watch. There's nothing immoral about looking at drawings that other like-minded adults have made and acted for enjoyment. Current spoiled generations have grown up in such soft wool that they are becoming more sensitive and closed-minded than before. Society is moving backwards bois.
@LastReaction the wiki page (and wikipedia in general) is pretty inaccurate. Most of those had CP, and it does not specify the Supreme court ruling. The supreme court has ruled that only "obscenity" is illegal, and any porn can be classified as obscene (or not obscene). There is effectively no standard besides 'muh emotionz'. also, imagine being this much of a retarded 8 year old with power abuse https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398390511842492417/673528559352152075/unknown.png gotta love the modern fascism pervading both the right and left
@vilimi customs dont give a shit about loli, worst case scenario is usually you won't get the item. it happens, but rare. being pursued in court is even rarer as we've seen with the sex dolls that were already declared legal Generally speaking as long as no explicit text says the character is literally young, you're fairly safe.
@Blanchimont I wouldn't go so far as to say it's legal, but is rather a grey area unless you live in Cali or perhaps to a lesser degree Maine. Red states are bad for loli. Don't let the Christian Authoritards fool you, they are even more fascist than the left, never vote for them. You would best be served by convincing democrats to piss off of the guns and socialism so we can actually vote for them.
some of you are talkin' some mad shit about loli lol. have any of you even learned about drawing anime characters
@Dalamar I'm not trying to be rude at all, but how is Wikipedia in general inaccurate when they literally list their sources of where they get their material from as references on the bottom of each article they create? Those little numbers next to each sentence points to a reference of the source of the information that was provided. There have been times where edits would be put in by trolls, but they have been quickly fixed or deleted within a few days or by the reporting of someone outside of the site or on it. If you could explain to me why Wikipedia is inaccurate with that kind of proof, then it would make more sense instead of just plain saying it without really providing evidence. You can easily click on the sources they provide to determine whether or not its accurate. They even have book sources in that article I posted which you can purchase and read more on the subject. Now yes, it is a gray area of course, but that does not mean that it is not illegal on the federal level just because no one has really gone to prison for it. Torrenting can be considered a gray area as well in the United States, but if you get caught with copyrighted content that was illegally obtained via a torrent, and they have solid evidence that is exactly how you got that content, you can definitely be persecuted.
@LastReaction wikipedia does not require sources to be accurate. in fact... news pages are almost always wrong/bias/misleading/lack finer details or context etc
>how did they get them through customs? I'm honestly not sure. I got a lot of jokes and shitposts about it when I asked in the club's Discord, but no one actually answered my question. I'm wanting to guess they brought it in from another state since there are a lot of out-of-state students there (Florida's a popular place for college),
@Dalamar: so then how do I know that your sources saying lolicon is legal in the United States is true then, if news pages are almost always wrong/bias/misleading? You're shooting yourself in the foot here. A lot of the sources in that Wikipedia article are being pulled from state government websites and books btw, not news pages. If you looked at it, you would have noticed this. At the end of the day, I just wanted to do my own research on it. I wasn't here to argue with anyone since no one is going to budge or change their minds here.
The absolute state of normalfags in this comment section https://imgur.com/a/R9Ksvci >http://cbldf.org/2013/02/missouri-man-receives-three-years-in-prison-for-comics/ First CBLDF literally says that they can get these cases dropped because they are literally found to be unconstitutional https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2008-10-09/cbldf-to-serve-as-special-consultant-in-protect-act-manga-case >Eric Chase and his team at the United Defense Group have been vigorously defending Handley, and scored a major First Amendment victory earlier this year when the judge found portions of the PROTECT Act unconstitutional in his ruling on a motion to dismiss. District Judge Gritzner of the Southern District of Iowa found that subsections 1466(a)(2) and (b)(2) of 18 U.S.C. 1466A unconstitutional. Those sections make it a crime to knowingly produce, distribute, receive, or possess with intent to distribute, "a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting," that "is, or appears to be" a minor engaged in sexual conduct. Judge Gritzner found that those sections restrict protected speech and are constitutionally infirm. The only reason why he was persecuted was because he was FUCKING RETARDED, and didn't ask help from CBLDF because lolicon is quite literally protected by the first amendment Not to mention you have boorus hosting lolicon in US, you think the fucking NSA that monitors the entire world doesn't know that? They do but they can't and won't do shit because its fucking legal because its a drawing. Some people need to be sent off to North Korea
anime fans seem to go to great lengths to defend their right to jerk off to drawings of sexualized images resembling children.
Holy pedo cope. This is somehow even worse than the average dragonball comment section.
>Drawings are actual children The absolute state of soccermom normalfag logic, thank god that the justice system is not as retarded as you are. >Video games will make you kill actual people! >Drawings will make you go after actual children! Literally the same type of thinking
guys help how do you change your profile picture on Nyaa??
@nacimpalrimou login to gravatar using the email you used to register on nyaa
Impressive, very nice. Let's see the pedos defend realistic AI generated cp