[SakuraCircle] Fortune Quest L - 01 (DVD 640x480 DivX5 MP3) [B7FC7DFF].mkv

2020-01-29 04:36 UTC
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| ![Pastel G. King](https://i.imgur.com/X4GcFLO.jpg) | |---| | **Translation:** Tennouji | | **Encode:** Shareraw | | **Video:** DivX 5.0.3 29.970fps Constant Frame Rate, 640x480 | | **Audio:** MP3, 128 kbit/s Constant Bitrate | | **Subtitle:** English Styled Softsubs| No, I didn't mistakenly upload here. This is an episode that I worked on a few years ago. The only reason I even did this was that it is one of the first few anime from my childhood. I didn't want to post this back then since I doubt I'll find time to work through the whole series and piss everyone off for even trying. There seems to be an English license for this, but I never saw any of those so the script was made from scratch. I then forgot about it afterwards. I saw it again earlier while cleaning my drives and I thought that, whatever, and just put it up here anyway. Uploading this on April 1st would've been a better idea, but I doubt I'll remember doing that later. So, yeah... Have fun and enjoy this several years old script in a decade-old shareraw of a two decades old series. I don't care anymore.

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  • [SakuraCircle] Fortune Quest L - 01 (DVD 640x480 DivX5 MP3) [B7FC7DFF].mkv (264.3 MiB)
OMG I love this anime! I searched and the seeds are died so gg for me then
Thanks. Any chance you might translate the rest of the show?
Liked this title. Too bad it's not translated yet.
ANN says it was licensed by Media Blasters(couldn't find a source for that statement), but their website doesn't even acknowledge this anime existence. edit: It did existed, but it's discontinued and out of print. Only the first dvd volume(1-5 ep) can be found/bought online. A shame, this anime seemed fun.
I'm still waiting on your Saki releases. <,<
@LAMGAV Here's the original post: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2001-08-09/new-media-blasters-announcements _New Media Blasters Announcements_ _posted on 2001-08-09 02:19 EDT_ _Source: [Anime Nation](https://www.animenation.com/)_ _Quoted from the Anime Nation news post:_ _Media Blasters has announced several new licenses and releases including Mezzo Forte,_ __Fortune Quest,__ _Oni-Tensei, and Tokyo Project scheduled to hit stores on November 13th [2001]._ ... _The Fortune Quest L TV series will debut on dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD, both featuring 5 episodes. The 26 episode Fortune Quest L TV series from 1997 is a parody of traditional swords & sorcery role playing games that should appeal to both fans of Lodoss War and fans of Slayers._ It looks like only the first five episodes were ever released in English dubbed format.

Tennouji (uploader)

> A shame, this anime seemed fun. Definitely. I remember watching this air back then, and I was mind-blown on how Kitton's arc (the dungeon crawl) concluded. It might be not as great nowadays, but this series resonated on the young me who used to spend lots of time on Famicom/SF RPGs after school. The series ends with the typical "korekara" message implying another adventure, but it still was cool.
Would love you to finish this :( Thanks anyway!!
OP/ED single. 14 days only. https://www.mediafire.com/file/yqvyd029g391w5f