[Bebas-Raws] Made in Abyss Movie 1 - Tabidachi no Yoake (WEB 1080p Hi10P EAC3+AAC) [C4B461A8].mkv

2020-01-25 02:38 UTC
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Improved video from my last BS11 releases. Source : WEB | Wakanim Video : 1920x1080 Hi10P @ CRF 16 (Wakanim) Audio : EAC3 2.0 224 kb/s (Amazon) + AAC 5.1 640 kb/s (Wakanim) Subtitle : English | Retimed [Asenshi-PAS](https://nyaa.si/view/1130356) and additional dialog from Wakanim for scenes that doesn't exist in actual TV/BD releases. Dehardsubbed Wakanim SC+RU and Amazon (for additional unmasked signs) with standard filtering. *Assuming that I don't have the BDMV resource Movie 1 and 2 are compilation/recap of the TV series. ![](https://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/anime/1173/95167l.jpg)

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  • [Bebas-Raws] Made in Abyss Movie 1 - Tabidachi no Yoake (WEB 1080p Hi10P EAC3+AAC) [C4B461A8].mkv (2.8 GiB)
why couldn't someone just translated the french ones? Would have been fastest and both French & Engish subbed
Why would you translate from French if there are already English subs on Wakanim? That doesn't make any sense at all.
Thanks! Now waiting for movie 2.
eXmendiC becouse he is so smort
Thanks. There is still some russian "typesetting" left and the subs appear to be one frame off but since nobody ever uploaded the BDs this is probably the best release.
there is another release [here](https://nyaa.si/view/1214877) that used blurays for the scenes shared with the tv series
this puts a smile on my face