Little Vampire [English Patched]

2020-01-24 14:40 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Little Vampire **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 1988-05-05, English Patch 2020-01-09 **Developer**: Champion Soft(Alice Soft) **Publisher**: Champion Soft **Language**: English **Voice**: Not voiced **Translation**: [RottenBlock](!) **Description**: "Little Vampire" is one of the first games by Alice Soft, still under their former label of Champion Soft. Main heroes are the returning characters of the Rance series - Miki and Kentarou. In this game Miki is kidnapped by Dracula and Kentarou is on the quest to save her. **Important**: 1. "Unlike other AliceSoft games, there is no need to run the game in Japanese compatibility mode." 2. No need to install. 3. "As far as translation is concerned, this is a hand-edited machine translation. I've done my best to make this an engaging read, but my translation is probably off the mark in more than a few places. Intonation and tone are guesswork and just trying to make it sound nice." **!!!** Walkthrough: **!!!** "The original version of Little Vampire has been released free-to-play by Alicesoft. For a copy of the original Japanese-language version, see here:" **!!!** The game is free and you can also find MediaFire and Mega links in the [translation](!)'s site. Uploading this here just to let more people know about this translation. **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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  • Little Vampire - English 1.0
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love these old games, thanks man