Drifting Dragons (Kuutei Dragons) - 01 [ENG SUB].srt

2020-01-23 21:45 UTC
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Hello! Since it seems no group is willing to pick this up and netflix doesn't release it globally until April, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I love this anime and I'm very sad literally no one is watching it just because it's netflix-jailed. I translated the netflix Japanese subs into English myself. They're good, I promise, or decent at least. If you spot any errors please do tell me though! I tried to use the official vocabulary as often as I could but I'm not entirely sure of it. Also there's no video because I simply don't know how to put subs into a vid. Goes without saying, but since these are netflix subs, they're synced to the netflix video. If you want to watch them with the TV raws you gotta delay them about 5 seconds because of the +Ultra intro. And that's about it. I'd appreciate if you don't reupload this! PS. It's my first time uploading a torrent so if it doesn't work or something please tell me in the comments!

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  • Drifting Dragons - 01 [ENG SUB].srt (28.5 KiB)
so are these subs for this? [LoliHouse] 猎龙飞船 / Drifting Dragons [01-12 合集][WebRip 1080p HEVC-10bit AC3][日文内封字幕]
You need to mux the subtitle file with [mkvtoolnix](https://www.fosshub.com/MKVToolNix.html).
use this https://nyaa.si/view/1210404

akemilena (uploader)

you can also simply load the subtitles with any video player and it works just fine!
yes i know how to mix was not sure what the RAW was thanks a lot for doing this this series looks interesting.
Still hesitating on the show I just hated the CGI in Ajin with passion... skipping through the EP it looks like they improved quite a bit since then tho.. (still has that low-framerate/stepping movement on char movement sometimes.. might be their style??.. since dragons seem to move smoothly..) It looks actually watchable. And I do love the story idea and it looks fun too (story-wise) and voice acting sounds nice too.. so might actually try it.. i tend to give everything at least a shot for 1 ep anyway. Thanks a lot for the subs! and as people said, just use mkvtoolnix and maybe use ass-subs instead, not that it matters without typesetting.
how do you delay it? Im using K-lite
> how do you delay it? Im using K-lite k lite is just a codec pack you silly, i assume you use mpc-hc. There's probably a sub-delay key/option in it.. i haven't used mpc-hc in ages..