2020-01-20 21:44 UTC
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KFC-2019100800 You require latest SpiceTools for this. They are included in the torrent.

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  • KFC-2019100800.7z (12.7 GiB)
Thank you for sharing the game, but after entering the game, it shows that the network is abnormal and cannot start the game. Is there a way to solve it?
Press the service button once or twice after the error occurs. You can bind it with "spicefcfg.exe".
What connection software do you use to play this game? Thank you
'D:\KFC-2019100800\soundvoltex.dll' couldn't be loaded: how can I solve this problem?
You can cancel the read-only folder and launch the tool with administrator privileges
Can a friend who runs successfully bypass the problem of abnormal connection after entering the game? Thank you
Is it possible to share the virtual network plugin to make the game run successfully´╝îLove this game and hope to play


Thank you very much for sharing!
'D:\KFC-2019100800\soundvoltex.dll' couldn't be loaded: I tried after cancel the read-only and launch with administer privileges but it still saying like that.
Hello The first song was played without any problem, but the sound disappears when the result screen is displayed. In addition, notes for the second song will be displayed more slowly. Is there a solution? (Google Translate
FENEL may try to uncompress the file and overwrite it, or it may be an operating system compatibility issue
funny0258 Slow songs may be related to your connection plugin
Stage Is it possible to publish a connection plug-in that worked properly?
You can refer to the above article for a link to share with friends Oxd, which contains edited replacement files and virtual network software
I tried the above file and it didn't work.
It may be a computer compatibility issue. You have confirmed whether the game name such as KFC2019100800 appears in the plug-in window when you open the game.
/core/KFC:J:A:A:2019100800/services/get Has been confirmed.
Is there any way to make the game not turn off the audio of all the other apps running in the background when you start it?


Apply the last patch
Thank you. But I want to ask one. The game works, but the video is cut. How can I change the resolution? (The video is cut off even in windowed mode.)
How to solve sound disappear and note will not fall (google translate) like this:
Is there a friend who can share the offline server plugin of Asphyxia? Thank you
I'm the one who talked about the problem of cropping video. After installing the Computer Format + C++ Redistribution Package, the problem was fixed.
How to change resolution? I want to play straight
Curious. Does anyone have any issues with the game running, but not displaying any video at all? Utilizing xrpcv, and setting up everything, the game seems to run fine, besides displaying absolutely no video at all. The window icon also turns into a "?", making me wonder if this is a compatibility issue with my graphics card. It is an Nvidia card (GTX 1080), and when I read that the video cards for the arcades, they use an ATI (now AMD's Radeon) video card, my first thought was graphics card incompatibility. Though I don't have much to go on, as I can't get this to display on any of my laptops, either: one having a mobile GTX850M and another being an AMD APU. Just found it quite strange/curious considering this is the only build I've obtained that actually mostly worked, i.e. actually running lol
I'm having the same problem as the guy above me
@zizlkiki94 After a lot of trial and error, and even more research, I was finally able to get the program to work properly. What ended up working for me, I had to make a .bat file. The way I did it, I made a .txt file and put "@spice64.exe -w" (don't add the quotes, copy everything between the quotation marks). Once I made that .txt file, I changed the extension to .bat and BAM: finally go the game to work. You run the .bat file (making sure you run in Admin mode), and it should boot the game right up. I hope this helps ya like it did me.
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I can manage to play this supported by this thread,but I noticed that I cannot save the play data... Please tell me how to save the game data... (I'm Japanese. I cannot speak English well,sorry.)
Hi, thanks for this. I can get it to start up but I'm not getting any sound. I've tried it with both modded and un-modded dll. Any idea what my issue might be? The google drive someone posted above for "How to solve sound disappear" does not work anymore. Thanks.