[PPP-Raw] Stardust Paradise (Domesday Edition)

2020-01-20 02:28 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Stardust Paradise 1/19/20 https://anidb.net/anime/5849 https://www.otakubell.com/ Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD or Bluray souce is known to exist. Domesday Edition: This was captured using a Domesday Duplicator. You can read all about the Domeday Duplicator project at https://www.domesday86.com/?page_id=978. Project notes: A remake of another early PPP-Sub project, this time with a Domesday Duplicator! Boy, what a waste of a DDD. The art and animation are still terrible. But if you can set that aside – a tall order for an artform that relies on being visually appealing – its actually a fun OVA. At least I found it entertaining, and since I’ve subbed it its also been subbed in Russian and Brazillian, so that’s something. Unfortunately, this disc does not have a digital audio track, so we’re stuck with the bad audio again. Preliminary CX support has begun to creep into the ld-decode suite. I tried it, and it did exactly nothing, no output. Maybe in a few more weeks, or months... But one thing v6 has added is the ability to decode the original LD’s chapter markings. This is my first capture to make use of that feature. Of course, this disc only has three chapters, but hey – it works! The unfiltered DVD conversion has both Domesday and conventional caps – I still did the conventional cap just for the audio. I have also seperated out the raw PCM conventional audio if anyone want to mess with it. I have also included the PPP-Sub script. Its slightly off, of course, since this is a different capture, but its actually pretty watchable without tweaking. But feel free to tweak it all you like. Orphan is looking for encoder and translator types. See https://collectr.blogspot.com/2019/06/translators-encoders-wanted-aka-status.html

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