Dragon Ball Z Kakarot-CODEX

2020-01-17 02:06 UTC
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This should run in an emulator??
This is a PC game.
@kreativemente It's a newly released game on PC (also available on consoles) and CODEX wouldn't have anything to do with games that need an emulator (CODEX is the crack) though honestly the uploader did a terrible job with the torrent information or lack of information, leaving the description area blank is not okay and not even putting PC in the title is another mistake.
Codex is not the crack, is group of crackers.
It's the scene group, I think. But yeah, the group, either way.
Anyone has the artbook from the Collectors Edition?
Do not download this. The file just opens the Steam page for the game.
@FireSpawner That is false, you failed to have the CODEX files (the crack) copied to the install directory, try again and check the box (gotta hover over some of the text to really see what they say, it should be toward the bottom, pretty much the last checkbox) that says to copy the CODEX files, all CODEX installers have this option. I've been playing it just fine without issues (just made it past the Frieza Saga, the game is single player only with no multiplayer), you really should do your research before you make ignorant claims. This torrent has been downloaded over 200 times already, I would think there'd be more complaints if what you say is true when it isn't, you're probably new to CODEX installers.
For anyone seeing this do not download it and download this one https://nyaa.si/view/1213677 instead, DLCs actually work (it's a setup installer not ISO) but they do not on this torrent, this torrent should just be deleted because there is a better torrent available now.
There is NO physical disc version of this game for PC. So this ISO is meaningless if you just wanted to collect it because it is an ISO rather than the digital download version from Steam at the link Shaun gave. The ISO was just made from the digital edition by the Codex team who also put the crack in the ISO. The ISO is available for download from the Codex website. In the comments for that other torrent I give some info on the different digital Editions available which come with different combinations of DLC's. Hopefully someone will respond with an answer as to which digital edition that torrent is from. I see there are still seeders as well as leechers here. You should concentrate your efforts on the other torrent.
As I've already mentioned before the DLCs do not work with this torrent at all so it should be taken down as there is a better torrent available now. It should have been taken down already due to the uploader being too damn lazy to provide any helpful information to what the torrent is for etc, this kind of laziness shouldn't be tolerated. The key factors for a lazy upload are not stating this is a PC game and leaving the description blank, that should've gotten it flagged already.
@shu I don't have to, take your own advice.