High School Of The Dead - Full Color Edition [Complete] [Uasaha] [Yen Press]

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![Poster](https://i.imgur.com/3zHQa8g.jpg) ### **Titles** **English**: ```Highschool of the Dead``` **Synonyms**: ```Gakuen Mokushiroku```, ```HOTD``` **Japanese**: ```学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD``` --- ### **Information** Type: Manga Volumes: 7 Chapters: 33 Status: Publishing Published: Aug 9, 2006 to Apr 9, 2013 Genres: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Romance, Shounen Authors: Satou, Daisuke (Story), Satou, Shouji (Art) Serialization: Dragon Age MAL: [Link Here](https://myanimelist.net/manga/669) --- ### ***Synopsis*** On a normal day, mindless, flesh-eating zombies suddenly appear and send society into anarchy. In Fujimi Academy, second-year high school student Takashi Komuro witnesses these beasts' murderous nature firsthand. He flees to the roof with friends Rei Miyamoto and Hisashi Igou, only to discover the harrowing reality of their zombie-overrun world. In High School of the Dead, Takashi and Rei must now rely on a band of eccentric individuals composed of: Saeko Busujima, the kendo club president; Saya Takagi, a wealthy genius; Shizuka Marikawa, their voluptuous school nurse; and Kouta Hirano, a firearm-obsessed otaku. Together they must defy all odds and survive against the horrifying undead. --- ## **Uploaders Note** This is the complete collection of the High School Of The Dead manga **in color**. I won’t be seeding this torrent infinitely, so at the end of the day, it’s not my job to keep this torrent alive, I’ll be seeding it initially to help it gain some traction, once I feel that enough people have downloaded it, I’ll stop. --- ### **Post Script** If you’ve managed to get a copy for yourself, do be sure to seed back and help others. If you like the release/have any suggestions, feel free to drop a comment (I’ll read the comments but won’t comment back – or perhaps I might xD). - If you don’t like this, simply close the tab and walk away. No need to show your literacy in the comments. **SPOILER ALERT;** Although I try to avoid it, some of the screenshots posted below may contain or show some spoilers. --- ![Image 01](https://i.imgur.com/BAKhM2K.jpg) ![Image 02](https://i.imgur.com/JgNHp9i.jpg) ![Image 03](https://i.imgur.com/AzTOsjp.jpg) ![Image 04](https://i.imgur.com/qySiQTG.jpg) ![Image 05](https://i.imgur.com/i7WEC0p.jpg) --- ## **Edit** I’ve stopped seeding from my end. As of now, the torrent has a few seeders. Hopefully, this will be enough to sustain the torrent. - Once again, if you’ve managed to get a copy for yourself, do be sure to seed back and help others. --- ### **Post (post) Script** Btw, this release is also a leaked one from a private tracker (can’t let all the good stuff stay hidden) xD Anyone who is interested my releases (read leaks :p) can subscribe to the [Telegram channel](https://t.me/AnonReleases) which is where I’ll be posting my releases.

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  • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition [Yen Press] [Manga]
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v01 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (77.3 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v02 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (74.8 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v03 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (76.0 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v04 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (76.4 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v05 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (69.4 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v06 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (69.0 MiB)
    • Highschool of the Dead - Full Color Edition v07 [Uasaha] (Yen Press).cbz (67.9 MiB)
RIP this series.
yeah one of the great manga just like I am Hero or something.....
>complete More like stalled unfinished indefinably
spoilers????? hahahah very late in this time all know
it's complete and the rest is up to your imagination.
************************************************************************************ **Highschool of the Dead v01-07 - Full Color Edition [Yen Press]** https://mega.nz/#F!HQIV0Q6b!9kiFz1aeI1wnKU1H1q-_5w ************************************************************************************
This series is gold. No updates for years.
There won't be any updates to this manga since the creator of this manga has unfortunately passed away before completing this. https://myanimelist.net/people/2604/Daisuke_Satou Fans of the series won't know if the series will ever continue or if it even can. This man https://myanimelist.net/people/2844/Shouji_Satou is the illustrator of this series (seems they are not related) whose working on Triage X who knows if he would continue with it. It's kinda like Zero no Tsukaima's author except it was able to be completed by the editor with plans from the author on his sick bed. https://myanimelist.net/people/2857/Noboru_Yamaguchi some more info https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1755468
@warui, wait, You have worried me now, this mean if [Yoshihiro Togashi](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_Togashi) die hunter x hunter will never complete and will remain like this?
^ Uh well read this https://comicbook.com/anime/2018/05/27/hunter-x-hunter-finish-hiatus-manga-anime
For anyone wondering: **The torrent is complete** (contains the entire colored edition), but the manga itself is incomplete as the creator of the manga is now dead. As for the people wondering if this will ever be continued, no, it won't be continued, and has been officially cancelled long ago: - [Topic: MAL](https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1755467) - [Topic: Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/a4ktrc/high_school_of_the_dead_is_officially_cancelled/)
I now worry about [fate kaleid 3 rei's manga](https://myanimelist.net/manga/36131/Fate_kaleid_liner_Prisma%E2%98%86Illya_3rei) finishing up as well :( Would love to see more anime adaptions of this. Nobody has even bothered to sub the new one just released https://myanimelist.net/anime/38897/Fate_kaleid_liner_Prisma%E2%98%86Illya__Prisma%E2%98%86Phantasm
Delicious stuff!!!