2020-01-15 20:58 UTC
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Lord Starfish: Translation, Timing Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check bluesun: Translation Check This release uses the video from pokemon.com with the Japanese audio taken from YouTube. While the pokemon.com video was only available in 720p, the encoding was VASTLY superior to YouTube's 1080p upload, so we consider it to be the preferable video source despite the lower resolution.

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_Twilight_Wings_01_[51939021].mkv (75.9 MiB)
Why didn't you use the OPUS audio?
Wish they'd just make the actual show with the characters from the game instead of ash ketchum for 20 years straight.
I was really hoping you guys would do this! Thank you!
Thanks!! Glad you guys are doing this one!
I liked the character design, and the overall atmosphere. But the camera movements seemed a bit different. Any specific reason for that? Thanks for the upload nonetheless.
@Slysoft Would prefer more Pokemon animes like Pokemon: Origins
Yeah. There is pokemon generations but afaik nobody subbed it.
^ Would be nice to see that subbed, someday.
thank you so much for subbing Twilight Wings too
Hakumei-no-Tsubasa looks like Pokemon generations series
Thank you. Good point regarding Youtube's encoding quality. Their encodes look absolutely dreadful. You can see it in video game videos too, when comparing Twitch to Youtube.