[Cloudy M] Zoids Wild Zero - 01-04 (MKV | 1080p)

2020-01-14 11:20 UTC
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![alt text](http://img111.xooimage.com/files/5/a/9/zoidswildzero-56f393f.png "") Hi! This is not our work, I just find some subtitles on Reddit and mux those with some raws. If the translator share more episodes, I'll post them too. This anime deserve some love, so try to stay in seed, please.

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  • [Cloudy M] Zoids Wild Zero - 01-04
    • [Cloudy M] Wild Zero - EP.01.mkv (679.5 MiB)
    • [Cloudy M] Wild Zero - EP.02.mkv (680.5 MiB)
    • [Cloudy M] Wild Zero - EP.03.mkv (680.1 MiB)
    • [Cloudy M] Wild Zero - EP.04.mkv (1.5 GiB)
Thank you, was interested in this since it looked a lot better in a lot if ways when compared to the previous show which felt a bit too simple and generic looking and it was clearly geared for kids in its look (see character designs and that a lot of characters was named after food to make it easier for kids to remember them i guess) and i feel that is why people stopped subbing the first show fairly quickly
subs? dubs? need more information.

Solistrad (uploader)

@Tom_Neverwinter: Informations are in the description. =) RAW = Japanese audio version.
did you used the video source from Erai-raws?

Solistrad (uploader)

I don't know, a friend send me the files without any tag. :/
It really is a shame the first Wild was such hot dogshit and now this actually good season has to suffer for it
You said you found some subtitles and added them to the video? None of the videos have any valid subtitles that appear when watching with VLC. I have the Subtitle track selected but nothing shows up.When I extract the subtitles, the file is 0Kb and empty, there is no text. Are these definitely supposed to be working?
MPC not showing any subtitles T^T when I disable/enable they show for a split second and then disappear.