[root_user] Golden Time (2013) - S01E24 - Golden Time (HEVC - 1080p - Remux - Dual Audio Eng)

2020-01-14 09:18 UTC
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## Final Notes This is the last episode in the series, completing the run and finalizing the torrents. I don't know if it is worth creating a batch after this, any feedback would be good. I already have a batch in mind, of a completely transcoded Blu-Ray copy, down to around ~500MB per file, with multiple subtitles from different versions/releases. It will likely be a 10-bit release, but the Audio will be transcoded down from DTS-HD to AAC. The source audio is stereo, so no major losses. Any thoughts, just post a message here, I'll keep everyone's ideas in mind as I complete it. :D Thanks again to everyone who helped. It was fun to make something like this. I'm glad I could share the work with everyone. =^_^= - nitzkie for encouraging me to complete the project - HentaiDan for the great feedback - darely56 for joining in the conversation - Shikoishii for providing the first proper dubs, and getting involved - Dank_Bird_Meme42069 for the complete Blu-Ray upload - And everyone who's seeding XD ## Complete Batch Now Available! You can find it here: https://nyaa.si/view/1212407 ### Reason for Remux I couldn't find a good dual audio copy of Golden Time, so remuxed the original I had, and added the source audio from https://nyaa.si/view/1210945. I also realigned the audio to -1000ms to account for the differences. Sync seems to be good. The only work I've done, is transcode the DTS to AAC, and I have gathered the sources into a single file for convenience. #### Video: - Original source: Unknown - Resolution = 1920x1080 - Framerate = 23.97 - Codec = HEVC/H.265 - Colorspace = ITU-R BT.709 #### Audio Stream 1: - Original source: Unknown - Language = Japanese - Codec = AAC - Sample Rate = 48000 Hz - Channels = Stereo - Default = No #### Audio Stream 2: - Original source: [torrent](https://nyaa.si/view/1210945) via [Dank_Bird_Meme42069](https://nyaa.si/user/Dank_Bird_Meme42069) (Thanks for the excellent quality upload!) - Source Codec = DTS - Language = English - Transcoded Codec = AAC - Sample Rate = 48000 Hz - Bitrate = 512 - Channels = Stereo - Default = Yes #### Subtitles Stream 3: - Original Source = Unknown - Language = English - Type = SSA - On by default = No #### Preview Images: https://ibb.co/19T9r1r https://ibb.co/5sKPPZ2

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  • [root_user] Golden Time (2013) - S01E24 - Golden Time (HEVC - 1080p - Remux - Dual Audio Eng).mkv (319.9 MiB)
By any chance you making a batch of this ?

root_user (uploader)

@Shiiishou - I'm thinking about it. I'm in the middle of testing out a 10-bit transcode for this at the moment. I've already done the transcode, I'm in the process of testing out combining the Blu-Ray and original rip subtitles. If I can make a really clean 10-bit encode, with all the subtitles combined, then I will batch that. File sizes will be slightly larger, around 500-600Mb, but should be really good. Does that work for you?
Personally , I prefer smaller batches . There are existing large size batches available , so , if you aren't going to batch what you have done I guess I will have to track down all your individual episodes . Doubling the file sizes for a series I may only watch once does not really appeal .
Thanks fam! I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched. :D

root_user (uploader)

@Father_Snrub - I hear ya. I've just run the numbers, and the difference between this set as a batch, and the new version is only 2-3GB total - not actually too bad for a 24 episode Anime. The new version also contains: - Chapter fixes (the blu-ray actually had a couple missing) - The subtitles from this rip (complete + rich fonts) - The original blu-ray subtitles (signs/songs) - The original blu-ray subtitles (complete) - CPU processed 10-bit HEVC (no hardware encoding=higher quality output at better compression rates) Considering the difference in size is only a couple of Gigs, I personally think it should be worth the difference. If you want to try it, just download a couple of the episodes so far, and see if you like the story, then you might find it worthwhile grabbing a better copy maybe? If you want the individual episodes so far, you can find them here: https://nyaa.si/user/root_user (I am still seeding them as well) - just watch out for the Tenchi Muyo batch in the middle of the list ;) If you don't mind waiting until after the 10-bit version is up, I'll batch this lot up for you too. Just let me know if that's what you want :) @HentaiDan - Glad to hear it buddy :D
definitely would appreciate a smaller batch. In general prefer dual-audio where I can so it would be appreciated getting over 20 gb's in memory savings especially when I have to deal with having both detective conan and one piece being an ever expanding problem

root_user (uploader)

@Father_Snrub; @Shiiishou and @Blindthethief Here is the batch you wanted: https://nyaa.si/view/1212407