[anon] Dorohedoro - 01

2020-01-13 04:43 UTC
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This is only the subtitle file, you need to get the RAW yourself. I am not a pro by any means, but this should be satisfactory before an actual group picks this series up.

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  • [anon] Dorohedoro - 01.ass (23.0 KiB)
you're doing the lord's work anon. thank u
works great, thank u so much! finally able to watch it w some friends
Haven't read the manga, so can't vouch for how accurate the subs are. But I can sure vouch for the timing and the sentence structure. Thanks a lot!
Made an account to call you based bro Based
For anyone who uses the Solistrad 1080 file like I did for some reason, set the sub delay to 500ms. Thanks anon!
Thanks, anon! Retimed the subs for the 1080p raws https://www.mediafire.com/file/8kbjg7w12x8vr2w/Dorohedoro_-_01.ass/file
Bless you, kind anon.
The hero we need but don't deserve
Thanks, it works great!
Beautiful! Thank you!
So these subs are good ?
@maroon1 ask herkz
@ningen-sama you mean Joe
>herkz > Don't ever think of that, please. That bloke reminds me of the teacher I had who never gave a student 7+ out of 10. Ask someone who has read the manga, simple.
>this should be satisfactory before an actual group picks this series up. Your TL is much better than the only current alternative. I'd love to see you do it every week, if you've got the time/motivation.
In the future could you please include PlayResX and PlayResY? Their absence causes libjass to reject the subtitles, so they can't be rendered on a web browser. Thanks!