Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu [Volumes 13-15]

2020-01-11 19:53 UTC
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Komi-san volumes 13-15 scraped directly from Mangadex. Compiled into .cbz files.

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  • Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu [Volumes 13-15].zip (220.6 MiB)
Could someone please seed this bad boy? I just finished volume 12 and I'm hurting for some good, good, Komi-san.
Thanks! It would be nice if you upload the .cbz files as is, since they are already compressed, zipping them again won't do much.

AgPa1t (uploader)

@lamensje I put them in a zip just so everything would be in a single file for upload. Once the current arc is over, I was planning on uploading everything (i.e. vol 1-15 + ch208-ch???). If it's standard practice, or if people prefer, I can do it as a directory/folder.
Hi, can you please make a compilation for Tomo-chan is a girl https://myanimelist.net/manga/92149/Tomo-chan_wa_Onnanoko It is a great completed romance manga which is also available on mangadex (all chapters I think) It's licensed but sadly only paperback version is available, so no luck in getting those here I guess....

AgPa1t (uploader)

@NotBot, I can look into it. No guarantees though.
@AgPa1t Thanks... I'll keep a lookout then.
One CBZ file per volume is my prefered way of reading manga now, i used to read them as JPGs but then you can't zoom in, well not without scrolling then zooming in again, it's a pain, so i just read CBZ files as 1 long continuously scrolling file, like most online manga reader sites offer (including mangadex) and mobile readers. And i see that is exactly what you have inside the main zip file, but adding everything to 1 zip file helps no one and it actually hurts the seedpool of the torrent, since to read it you have to unzip it and then there is no reason to keep the old file so most people are gonna delete it, and if you delete that then there is nothing to seed anymore, it's just my theory. Oh and please go ahead and create the mega collection you mentioned, the more complete a torrent is the higher the likelihood it has of being seeded and for longer and by more people, i mean just look at the best seeded Komi-san torrent, it's the one with volumes 1-10.