[Mendokusai] Natsunagu! - 01 [TV 720p Hi444PP AAC] [6684CD09].mkv

2020-01-11 14:20 UTC
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#### **Natsunagu! - 01** ![alt text][logo] [logo]: https://i.imgur.com/AVqrW6k.png] "Natsunagu!" **Raws**: [OWO](https://nyaa.si/view/1210625) **Subs**: [Yamenaideoneesama](https://nyaa.si/view/1211000) Edited, Typeset and Restyled. Tfw I realize my TS sucks so bad. RIP me in #fansubbing cave. For a proper viewing experience, use [mpv](https://www.mpv.io) player. Please let me know of any issues faced or of any possible improvements that can be done.

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  • [Mendokusai] Natsunagu! - 01 [TV 720p Hi444PP AAC] [6684CD09].mkv (96.4 MiB)
using Hi444 for HDTV are bad idea
Hi, a few comments on the TS: - what are you using to track movement, or are you doing it by hand? I'd recommend using mocha if you can - some of the chat bubbles need more blur, the text looks too sharp on 1080p and higher monitors. The first one ("Natsuna, let's meet") even has none. - the colors/fade timings on the speech bubbles are also noticeably off

men_douk_sai (uploader)

@petzkuh Thanks for the advice. 1. I did use it for the phone sign, but it got messed up. Something must be wrong on my part. I did the ITSUKI one using fbf transforms which messed up the scaling. I'll work on those. 2. I always screw this up. Will pay attention next time. 3. The fade timings must be due to acceleration towards the end of the sign. I thought it would be a linear fade. Will fix that as well. Also i missed some signs which I'll add later (I'm still a noob at this T_T).
@men_douk_sai no worries, practice (and feedback) is how you improve at anything, TS is no different
Yep that's how you improve. Anyways thanks for doing this
\>using Hi444 for HDTV are bad idea Not really. It's just not as useful as web sources. It probably doesn't matter in the end except a few MB more.
thanks i hope to see more of your work
Thanks for subbing this!
Thank you for subbing this. Will you be translating episode 2 as well? このはありがとうございました。第一話もおもいます?