[DameDesuYo] ReZero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Shin Henshuu-ban) - 02 (1280x720 10bit EAC3) [E9C17853].mkv

2020-01-08 17:35 UTC
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673.1 MiB
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Still only extremely minor art changes, scene extensions (like panning shots or black frames), and some motion changes. No new content yet. Used a different method of detecting changes this episode, so shouldn’t be any missed this time around. Will probably be v2ing 01 later. ========================================================= Come hang out in our Discord [here](https://discord.gg/awe8sFF). We’re hiring! We’re in need of skilled fansubbers, especially Typesetters. [Click here to apply!](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=101) Reminder: if you find problems with one of our releases, please let us know if we need to v2 or just help with batching. [PUBLIC QC](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=1873).

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  • [DameDesuYo] ReZero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Shin Henshuu-ban) - 02 (1280x720 10bit EAC3) [E9C17853].mkv (673.1 MiB)
ty ty always appreciated
1080p please...
Thnx, but seriosly thou, 4k when ?
Neural imaging player plz
I promise you guys, there's a huge demand for 1080p, so please just release it already and you'll see the ddls on 1080p. Pwetty pwease?
OK that was cringy, but I'll let be there.
this show was natively produced in 720p, so if you use a good player it will look just as good as a 1080p release would
lmao these newbs do not know that most shows are 720p with very few exceptions.
>this show was natively produced in 720p, so if you use a good player it will look just as good as a 1080p release would I'm using mpv and 720p still looks worse. Is there something I'm missing here?
tried using a good scaler yet, @doomedfreak? lol. @powermojo You've got more anime closer to 810-900p nowadays, but sure. Let's pretend that it's just *"those"* newbs that don't know their shit.
The idea of downloading a file twice the size for a little more quality, not to mention that you need to check for its resolution every time and that most Raws are release at 720p, seems kinda absurd to me. but sure go ahead and download 1080p hoping that the unnoticeable quality is there.
raws are usually poorly encoded anyway, so they're not worth downloading at any resolution, and official streaming sites usually use way better settings for 1080p streams than 720p, so even though it is an upscale it's worth to grab that
twice the size for an upscale? not for me
there's no reason to moan about size in the age of affordable 12TB HDDs
@YoshiYogurt , affordable or otherwize , there is a rubber limit of how many of those HDDs that can be connected to one computer .Downloading 800GB a month for twelve months is about 10TB . Do that for ten years and you DO look for economy of scale i.e. the amount of space that something takes up when you are going to re-watch it howoften .

DameDesuYo (uploader)

At that point, you're in Data Hoarder territory and you should resign yourself to buying more storage space. Or, you know, delete things. The chances of actually rewatching all of that are slim. DDY's workfiles for pretty much everything we've ever worked on are only 10TB, including BD raws and all historical work files. I doubt many non-hoarders are reaching the limits of drive capacity *and* number of drives, unless they are on a laptop and using external drives.
collecting anime merchandise things is still contributed to the anime industry more than collecting harddisks for subbed anime
I just wanna know how do change the profile picture.?
>there’s no reason to moan about size in the age of affordable 12TB HDDs Must be nice to be a son of Chinese company
@DameDesuYo , I find your posts good value for size and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your contributions . What I am trying to say above is that when a person has spent years downloading anime you realise that there is not much reason to get a 1.4GB version for a show if there is an extremely good 673.1 MiB version available . It is all a balancing act for someone's personal choices and not just "Oh , get the biggest , it must be the best . Go and get ANOTHER 12TB HDD if you need more space" There is a rubbery limit for everything and where to streach and when to bounce comes into play for everone .
*hides his so far 200+TB hoarder home server* Also: "Rewatch" more like.. "Watch" 80% of the shows I have I never even watched...at this point I wonder more whether I'll actually watch them.. than rewatch others. However a lot of the shows I have are almost impossible to find on the interwebs now.. lots of very old sub sources.. from groups long disbanded into oblivion.. either way it's a hobby.. others collect pointless Model Trains for huge moneyz.. or go risking their lives climbing cliffs with expensive gear.. or similar shit. I collect Chinese cartoons and HDDs.. also never hoard shit you don't plan to watch.. (*cough* free! *cough*)
I use SSD instead of HDD so the file size does matter.
Please don't use an SSD to watch anime. Atleast, assuming you want to be able to use that SSD for more than a year or two. HDDs are much better for this, and hard drive speed will rarely be the bottleneck for playing back videos anyway (unless you're rocking some ancient HDDs).
Sorry but i don't get to choose, i'll have to use whatever i have for now. Also i'll have to disagree, when there's a lot of files HDD are much slower at loading the file. At least for me anyway.
> Please don’t use an SSD to watch anime. Atleast, assuming you want to be able to use that SSD for more than a year or two. HDDs are much better for this If you're rocking one of earliest SSDs maybe.... but today they last basically forever... I use an NVMe one for constant mass writing and cache all day long and just throw episodes on there like there's no tomorrow that one has 288TB TBW /(I have 69.462TB written so far / 9783 hours runtime) = 40561 hours (4.6 Years) left with my current rate of writing (which is insane and nowhere near normie user).. in 4.6 years time I'll most likely have yet another one of those SSDs... so really stop spreading that bullshit and scare others away. EDIT: I'd argue that the less you access your HDD (write and read) the better.. in fact it's best left not-spinning as "cold archive" so the drive lasts even longer. Everything frequently or temp. accessed should be cached onto an SSD .. or even better a RAM Disk.
@asibior ah a fellow zfs comrade i presume @everyone is there a good source somewhere to check the resolution shows are being natively produced at? i know most are still 720 with occasional 1080 or 810/900 but i rely on commenters here to figure out which versions to download.
This is what i found http://anibin.blogspot.com You can google the name of the show and look at the said resolution in number.
@meowski On homeserver&storageserver yes, desktop nah, winfag because of muh GaYmInG and other shit. Also you could try getting the res yourself via: https://github.com/Infiziert90/getnative
thanks - i know about the getnative script but that's not much help here. ideally i just want to know what resolution a current show is being released in natively and then add the least crappy sub group providing that res to my downloader. i'm not space limited at all but i don't want to download crappy upscales. the website is just what i was looking for though... i think. it's all written in some weird foreign language though. google translate to the rescue, thanks internet comrades!