[Team Mirolo] Dragon Ball THE MOVIES Blu-ray tracks synced to Funimation DVD

2020-01-07 09:51 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/C9FdMsW/Team-Mirolo.png) Dragon Ball THE MOVIES lossless Blu-ray tracks precisely synced to Funimation Ultimate Uncut Editon (DBZ movies 1-3) + Single DVD movies (DBZ movies 4-13) with Audacity. Note that you can get rid of one of the two channels (left/right doesn't matter) for every movies except Dragon Ball 4 and Dragon Ball Z 13 which are in stereo). ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/7QpHKwy/DBZ-UUE-FUNI-Movies.jpg) ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/YBgTt5Z/DBZ-FUNI-Movies-4-13.jpg)

File list

  • Dragon Ball THE MOVIES - Blu-ray audio synced to Funimation DVD
    • DBZ_Film_01_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Ultimate_Uncut_FLAC_8.flac (267.6 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_02_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Ultimate_Uncut_FLAC_8.flac (394.6 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_03_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Ultimate_Uncut_FLAC_8.flac (382.0 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_04_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (353.0 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_05_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (300.5 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_06_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (301.9 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_07_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (304.5 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_08_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (452.2 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_09_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (332.5 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_10_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (333.9 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_11_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (302.2 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_12_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (327.4 MiB)
    • DBZ_Film_13_Bluray_Toei_sync_DVD_Funimation_Single_FLAC_8.flac (532.2 MiB)
Thank you again! Synced audio files are my favorite since I have the videos already and don’t want to waste space or have to extract the audio from a video.
@Mrbean Are you able to upload the videos?
@Gnosis I guess I should have stated that in a more general way which is what I meant by what I said. I just meant that I would rather the audio only so that I don’t have to download a lower quality rip to just end up having to extract the audio from it and erase the video. Whether or not I currently have the video, I only save ISO’s, Video_TS folders, and BDMV folders. Any other videos I save are because there is no DVD or Blu-ray release of that particular video. For movies 4-13 I was actually in the middle of downloading them and was at around 60% when around 2 months ago my motherboard died. I ordered the proper soldering equipment and will hopefully be able to fix the motherboard by the end of the month. The following link is for the torrent I was downloading. The download was at a trickling rate, but there was a seed that was showing up and giving such a small amount randomly. I was sure it would finish in another 2 months. I hope it is still going when I get my other computer running again. Otherwise I’m sure eventually someone will upload them again. Here is the link. https://nyaa.si/view/962316 I see you already found the following nyaa link 4 days ago https://nyaa.si/view/962574 I don’t think I was able to download it. But if by some miracle I did I will let you know. But I cannot access that internal desktop hard drive until I hopefully fix my broken motherboard since it is the only desktop computer I have. It may be a long time especially if I cannot fix my motherboard. I don’t have the ultimate uncut version of movies 1-3, but I’m sure eventually they will pop up, maybe soon since this torrent was released. If I get them I will give you the link or upload them.
Well I actually got the ultimate uncut editions off another site here and it seems to be a ISO with just a russian dub added http://www.xiacili.com/info/12716892.html If you want the others I can link them. But thanks anyway man i appreciate it
Team-Mirolo Do you know where to find the 4:3 web dl dragon ball movers with english and japanese syncs?
Gnosis Thanks for the link. I’ll be downloading it for now until I can get an untouched version since I may never get another chance to have that video. But I wonder if the video was compressed or altered in any way when the Russian audio track was added. Please post the other 2 links since that website doesn’t label the movies to say whether it is the Ultimate Uncut version or not. Also there is still a chance that I have the singles DVDs from the second link I gave. I only said it would be a miracle as to not get your hopes up. Again it could be a long time before I find out. I suggest to let both torrents that I linked to run in your torrent client for a few months. Seeders can come back if they see leechers there. It can be surprising what leaving a dead torrent running for a few months can do. Plus when I get my computer running, you will automatically get what I have from those 2 torrents. I will look for you leaving a comment on another torrents webpage and let you know there when my computer is working again. Unless you want to leave your email address here for me.

Team-Mirolo (uploader)

@Gnosis : I'm afraid not, sorry
Mrbean Here is DBZ Movie 2 seems do be from the same person who added the Russian dub http://www.xiacili.com/info/9170449.html And I'll have to look for DBZ movie 3 again I'm not too sure what I searched to end up finding it but I'll link it when I do
Mrbean Okay here is Movie 3 http://www.xiacili.com/info/7199283.html Dont know if you want this aswell but here is movie 6 http://www.xiacili.com/info/12875135.html
@Gnosis, Thank you! I did find movie 3 by using the search but I couldn’t tell if it was the right one. I couldn’t find movie 2 though. I appreciate the links to these altered versions with russian audio very much since I may never be able to get unaltered versions. If anyone else has the ISO’s or Video_TS folders for the 3 Ultimate Uncut Movies that are unaltered, please don’t hesitate to upload a torrent of them to nyaa or post a link here for everyone who is downloading this audio.
No problem dude and hey are you able to seed Impakts movie 10 of the french dvd remux he uploaded a bit ago ot seems to be stuck at 99.2?
I do still have the remuxes since he didn't upload the ISO's yet. I can't do that right now but within a few days I will if you are still stuck.
There you go I uploaded it to someone at 99.4% by the time I looked at the % they had. I will keep uploading for a couple of days just in case that wasn’t you. But if you get this message within the next 3 days, let me know you got it. That was so little that I feel like I didn’t do anything, but it really sucks to be stuck at that percentage. I have a completely unrelated torrent stuck at 99.9% for a year now which has no chance of ever finishing, and the seeder just stopped all of a sudden when I was that close to finishing a 5GB torrent. It was something unique that I can’t get anywhere else.
Thanks man I actually didnt think you were going to do it so I just deleted what i had I'll be trying to download over night thank you bro
ya I can’t always check all comments on all torrents every day but usually within a week I check back for new responses to my last comment. I will remove this torrent from comments I have to check back with if there are no new related comments to my last comment after something more than a week. Also don't quit so soon. Seeders can come back, which I can say is the case with Impakt's torrents. If it doesn't inconvenience you, you should let torrents run for a couple of months. Eventually the uploader may see the leechers and seed again. It would be good to leave a comment here when you are done so I know I can stop seeding. Although it looks like the person I uploaded to is still seeding as well as another 2 seeders now. I actually help people out here and there when there are 0 seeds. And I will always do what I say I will do. So also don’t doubt that I will check back on those torrents when I get access to that hard drive. There is acually a torrent that was dead for a while that I am seeding now and for the next couple of months since I am so grateful to finally have gotten it after 2 months of a seeder appearing for 1 to 3 hours a day at and extremely slow speed that would vary at less than 100kb/s. If you don’t have it you may be interested. Now is the time to download since some people are at 50% and there are currently 4 leechers that come and go. I cannot upload while I am working and my upload speed is not that fast especially when I am downloading a torrent, but you will get it far faster than I did. Here is the link https://nyaa.si/view/1139811 Also I am looking for someone who has the GT individual discs from the same uploader (N12) as the torrent I am seeding. If I can get the GT torrent, I will continue seeding it for at least a few months. Here is the link to that which is completely dead now https://nyaa.si/view/1140048
Thanks man and yes I am finished and will seed for a few days aswell and as for the links I really appreciate it it's just that I am content with the dragon boxes for now hahaha
Your welcome! Thanks for letting me know you are done.
Is it possible to upload the Funimation Ultimate Uncut Editon (DBZ movies 1-3) DVDs?
Please seed! Thank you!