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2020-01-06 21:08 UTC
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#### Subs only, by [Unfucked] #### better than hidive. Use these with your HS or Erai-raws release

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I'm working on the presumption that even though you indicate 720p, they'll still work with 1080p if you can deal with a difference in display size, yes?

Jaytron (uploader)

@Weasalopes i'm not sure, i tried on 480p and 720p
@Weasalopes Depends on what he did. If it's just a translation change, then probably they'll just be a lot smaller, but any typesetting that deals with absolute pixel values (size, position, etc) are going to be totally screwed.
The resolutions of script and video doesn't need to be the same. Script resolution says how the working space of the script should be scaled to the video resolution. So, the fonts won't look smaller if you use the above script for 1080p video. Scripts are usually safe to use for different video resolution as majority of typesetting tags have true linear scaling. The exceptions are spatial transformations (3D rotation, tilting, org) and blur. What else you need to pay attention is the video frame rate. If there are any motion tracking lines (frame by frame generated lines), then they look fine only in the same video frame rate. The last thing is that if you open the script in any editor, the header section should have the following line. If it's missing or it says `no`, make sure to add it or fix it. `ScaledBorderAndShadow: yes`