[Aniclub] Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru - 01 [BD]

2020-01-04 23:33 UTC
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I couldn't help myself. I got a hold of the BD and had to accompany it with english subs. This is my original translation put on a beautiful BD raw, the highest quality of Wataru readily available. I, however, did not know it was being released weekly with official Bandai English subs on Youtube. I felt very foolish when I found this out, but this means that this will probably be the last fully fansubbed Wataru episode ever released. I hope you enjoy. My partner who was doing Hiatari Ryouko with me got busy over the holidays, so I did this on my own in my spare time. I had no plans to fansub the rest of Wataru, but since there's official subs releasing now, I think I'll typeset, check, and edit their translation in this style on the superior quality raws I have available, so people don't have to watch in Youtube quaily with CC subs and sub-par localization. I sincerely hope you like this release, I think it looks great.

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  • [Aniclub] Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru - 01 [BD] [1440x1080] [Hi10P_AACx2].mkv (1.2 GiB)
This looks amazing! Hopefully one day the entire series will be subbed on Blu-ray. Having only watched the old WMV files, this is spectacular.

kisekishoujo (uploader)

Good news for you, then. I just finished fixing up the subs for Ep. 2 and it's due to be uploaded tomorrow. Cheers.
thank you very much for making this effort it is much much appreciated. Happy New Year of the Dog
Many thanks for your efforts, the anime looks fantastic in HD!!! This one I'll definitely seed *nods*
Where did you get this HD version from?
Somebody have seeds on this !!??