[DameDesuYo] Domestic na Kanojo - Vol. 2 (1920x1080 10bit AAC) (Uncensored)

2019-12-29 03:19 UTC
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Seeing as blurays seem to never come, we’ve created an uncensored version of the best web sources available. We’ll be releasing in “volumes” of 3 episodes each, the same way they were released with the manga. If an episode doesn’t include “(Uncensored)” in the file name, then there was nothing to change that episode. This is pretty much just episodes with no scenes that could be uncensored. However, we did fix every scene that was changed, as well as adding the extra scenes in episodes that had them. Once we complete all of the web releases, we’ll batch them under [DameDesuYo]. If a bluray release ever becomes available, we’ll do that one under [BlurayDesuYo]. =============================================================== Come hang out in our Discord [here](https://discord.gg/awe8sFF). We’re hiring! We’re in need of skilled fansubbers, especially Typesetters. [Click here to apply!](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=101) Reminder: if you find problems with one of our releases, please let us know if we need to v2 or just help with batching. [PUBLIC QC](http://damedesuyo.com/?page_id=1873).

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OMG!! Thank you!!! I've been waiting so long for an uncensored version of this anime :)
Wow man Thank you so much for this surprise, i didn't expect someone to release the full uncen episodes. And may i ask you, when will you gonna release a bluray for Keijo !!!!!!!!?
Liked this series even with the censoring. Even better now. Thanks.
Thank you very much
Thanks. i really like DOMExKANO Anime & Manga Waiting for Vol.3
Any idea when Vol. 3-4 are coming out?
Still waiting for episode 7 to 12
i want the 3rd and 4th volumes too!!!!
^ Me too, but it's been more than 3 months now and there's still no news on when they'll release uncensored Vol. 3-4 :(