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thanks for the subs, too bad the series so far suck royal ass. today's episode was atrocious
thank you SO MUCH and happy holidays
Excuse me but I have a question: is this a sequel to Sun & Moon? or is it yet another reboot? I'm really curious about what this is. Also thanks Some-Stuffs Team for marvelous encodes but I have another question: why don't you do x265? thanks anyways:)

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Yes, this is a sequel to Sun & Moon. At the start of episode 2 you see Satoshi's Alola League trophy, Z-Power Ring and the Royal Mask trophy from the exhibition match on his shelf. Also, the show has actually never fully rebooted itself; It's a soft reboot at best, in that past series still happened but they will only reference them in broad strokes most of the time. The only full-on reboot is Movie 20, which is an alternate continuity. As for x265... See, these 1080p releases aren't actually ENCODES in the first place; They're just raw Amazon rips with subs slapped on them. If this stuff gets a BD release, we'll do x265 encodes, but for now... it would just take too long considering that our goal has always been to release on day one. If you want these subs in x265... AkihitoSubs is just that. Just grab their releases.
Thank you so much for the sub and merry christmas(a little late)
I watched the origina series till season 3 episode 19 then dropped it wanted watch some other things. I plan to continue when my exams are over but my ultimate question is: is it safe to watch this at my state or when you never watched the prior series? I wanna watch it and a bit worried if it's a mistake to skip to this. I also played a bit of Pokemon Diamond, finished Pokemon X and currently playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:) would these be of any help? thanks.

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

You can totally watch this series without having watched the previous ones. The show is first and foremost aimed at kids who haven't SEEN much of that content, so any continuity references tend to be either very vague or non-existent. The same also applies for both the XY series and Sun & Moon.
thank you Lord_Starfish, now I'm free to watch this, watched the first episode couple days ago loved it, and it's in glorious fullhd.