New Fluffy Store / Rongrong Bianli Dian / 茸茸便利店 [Visual Novel; English, Japanese, Chinese]

2019-12-20 18:34 UTC
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ee17d1faf3db51d37f3a4e387b90974fb2a09eea Title: Rongrong Bianli Dian Original title: 茸茸便利店 Year: 2019-12-15 Developer: AsicxArt Publishers: SakuraGame Language: English, Japanese, Chinese Voice: Japanese Description: Lin Yang was unemployed when he graduated from college this summer, so he went back to his hometown, planning to start his own convenience store. ——「Well, though I don’t have any employees yet, I’m a boss now.」 That was what he thought at the beginning… However, a string of mysterious wind chimes changed this situation, maybe even his life. Along with the ringing chimes blown by the summer wind, three strange looking girls, each with a different pair of furry ears, appeared out of nowhere before him. He didn’t know who they were and they seemed to have some sort of secret with them, but Lin Yang decided to accept them anyway, and also hired them in this new convenience store. Well, no secret can stay a secret forever. Despite working his heart out, Lin has no experience in running anything. What lies ahead on their road of adventure? It’s for you to find out. Important: No need to install. If the game does not start, copy the files from the Crack folder and move to the main folder

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Not sure if that's different considering the release date posted in the description and the title of the torrent. I never heard of a game called "New Fluffy Store".
So what's new in this version?
There is no such title called New Fluffy Store (, this isn't a new version or anything, download superelmo's version instead.
Even the description was copy paste from yours @superelmo XD
That release year the uploader has down for it is wrong as well, it released on 2019-8-15 (for all 3 languages) not 2019-12-15, this torrent should probably be taken down for giving out incorrect information and for being an unnecessary duplicate.