[DVDISO] Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit (Music Video)

2019-12-13 18:34 UTC
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More stuff I managed to grab from ADC...

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Makes sense, they made an exception as this was in Tokyo. Thanks, I'll check it out. RIP Chester. :-(

Windii (uploader)

Directed by Nakazawa Kazuto and animated at Gonzo, so yes.
I gather from what is said above, that this is an official production, rather than a fan created AMV. So, yes, while we would normally think of a music video as falling into some other category, since it's neither live action nor an AMV, but rather an officially sanctioned and produced music video animation from a Japanese studio... there isn't a better category for it to be placed under. It's at least as valid as the various tourism promotional animations which are posted to this category... Is there a way of cross-posting to the other channels where someone looking for this type of content would normally look, which wouldn't be in violation of site policy? I wonder about that due to the tendency on my part to use the pull-down categories to narrow my non-item specific searches, since doing so would have excluded this from showing up if i were looking in the areas I normally would.

Windii (uploader)

Someone else has already uploaded this music video here a while back and nothing happened to it, so relax.
I'd say this belongs into the Anime Music Video category but yeah, great song and I love the animation in this one.